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Breaking: Trump says Huawei can continue to purchase U.S. technologies



After a meeting with the Chinese president at the G20 2019 summit, Donald Trump officially announced that Huawei can continue to purchase technologies from the U.S. companies.

Speaking to the media in Japan, Trump said that “The US sells a tremendous amount of product to Huawei that goes to the various things that they make and that’s okay, we will keep selling that product,”

This means Huawei can now make contact with its business partners in the US and place orders of components and other technologies that the company has been purchasing, which includes chips, software (Android, Windows) and other hardware components.

In May, the U.S. Department of Commerce added trade restriction on Huawei, barring the world’s largest telecom manufacturer from purchasing components and software services from the U.S. firms, which now has been allowed to continue.

“I’ve agreed to allow them to sell them the product because the (US) companies were not exactly happy that they couldn’t sell” he added.

It was also reported that Some of the big firms in the US are not happy with this decision taken by the government because they’re facing continues decline in their respective business after the ban on Huawei, as well as due to the unprecedented cut in their business yields.

After this announcement, it can be said that there’s some big deal happen between the two giant economies and we’ll wait to see a statement on the resolve of Huawei by the Commerce Department of the U.S.

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