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Bing to steal Samsung from Google: Report



There are reports that Google is panicked that Samsung will soon switch its default search engine to Bing. This is causing some serious thinking campaigns in the Google cadre.

As reported by NYT, Samsung is considering replacing Google with Microsoft’s Bing as the default search in its Galaxy smartphones and other smart devices. This is quite shocking as Samsung has been the only major Android guy since the Huawei ban.

The report reveals that Google employees are shocked by this new revelation. Google pays big sums to phone makers such as Samsung and Apple to remain a search giant in the global market.

Looking at the numbers, Samsung gets over $3 billion in annual revenue from Google and over $20 billion goes to Apple in a similar contract. These are massive revenue figures for all parties.

Google’s dominance in search is unhindered since its launch, as this super business acquired over $162 billion last year. However, you should know that the deal is under discussion internally at Samsung but none of the conclusion is reached.

Some Google employees also reacted to the matter with emojis and surprise “Wow, OK, that’s wild,”. This is a reaction of one of the employees mentioned in the report.

Why is Samsung considered Bing?

Following the boom of the AI-powered ChatGPT platform, Microsoft became the first major firm to buy stack at the chatbot. Later on, it announced to embed of ChatGPT capabilities into the Bing search engine. This has gathered widespread attention in the tech industry and began to change Bing’s reputation.

With AI, Bing now offers new features including new AI-powered chat and Q&N directly via Bing

Samsung and Google:

Samsung shipped 261 million smartphones in 2022, according to IDC data, all running Google’s Android software. The Korean company has long-established partnerships with both Microsoft and Google.

Its devices come preloaded with a library of apps and services from both, such as OneDrive and Google Maps. Negotiations are still ongoing and Samsung may yet decide to keep Google as its default provider, according to the report.


It’s possible that Samsung may reconsider this new decision because of the Android benefits. However, there’s more news to come on this matter.

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