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Bills to keep Huawei blacklisted introduced in U.S. Congress



Huawei Brand

The U.S. Senators and House of Representatives introduced bills to keep restriction on Huawei despite the president Trump’s announcement of easing trade restriction on the company.

Huawei plans to invest $3.1 billion in Italy depending on 5G policy

The presented legislation would bar the removal of Huawei from the trade blacklist without House and Senate approval, and let congress disallow waivers granted to U.S. companies doing business with Huawei, reported Reuters.

“American companies shouldn’t be in the business of selling our enemies the tools they’ll use to spy on Americans,” Republican Senator Tom Cotton, one of the sponsors, said in a statement.

Back In May, the US added Huawei into the trade blacklist, citing that the company could use its equipment to breach national security, which Huawei has repeatedly denied. As under blacklist law, Huawei is prohibited from buying technologies from the US.

After a month, in order to resume trade talks with China, US President Donald Trump announced that Huawei can resume buying US technologies. This remarks made by Trump brought joy for Huawei suppliers.

A recent report told, the US will issue additional licenses to firms that want to sell good to Huawei and this of licensing may take place by July or August 2019.

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