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Big price drop on Huawei P50 Series 5G Case



5G case Huawei

Last year, Soyealink launched a 5G case for the Huawei P50 Series smartphone and now it’s being sold with a massive price drop in China, which is nearly 10-fold to the launch price tag.

Huawei P50 series 5G price has recently declined as a local seller in China has listed the 5G case for only 70 yuan (10 USD). Meanwhile, the actual price of the accessory is 799 yuan (114 USD).

This is a big deal for Huawei P50 series users at a super declined price drop on the 5G case. However, this offer may be only for a limited until the stock runs out.

price drop Huawei P50 series 5G case

Huawei P50 Series 5G Case:

Huawei P50 Series can’t provide 5G network access due to hardware limitations. Therefore, it supports external cases to provide 5G connectivity. However, these are developed by third-party electronics companies such as Soyealink.

5g case huawei

All you need to do is to patch up the case on the smartphone similar to a regular back cover and complete the initial setup. In the background, the case consists of a 5G modem and eSIM support to provide 5G access to the smartphone.

The thickness is about 3.2mm and the weight is about 52 grams. The case itself contains a USB plug to connect to the smartphone. It supports dual-mode 5G SA/NSA frequency bands.

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