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Avast accepts Google app virus issue in Huawei phones was its mistake



AVAST Huawei

Avast recently accepted that the Google app virus issue in Huawei smartphones appeared with its mistake. The company said it has patched the problem which panicked Huawei users throughout the past week.

In a press release, Avast wrote that its Antivirus Software Development Kit (SDK) for Android was incorrectly flagging the Google app as malware on Huawei phones.

As we reported, the Avast scan plugin is integrated into Huawei’s system app called Optimizer. The app is used as a multi-purpose and multi-function device management functionality. Therefore, users don’t need to install Avast antivirus separately.

Further confirming the effect, the security solution provider said that the issue affected global Huawei smartphone users. That’s not it, Avast also addressed the same issue for Honor and Vivo phones for this issue. Still, the issue largely impacts Huawei users.

It’s said that the issue is patched on October 30th and it will fully resolve the ongoing inconvenience for Huawei smartphone users.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.” wrote AVAST.

Avast statement on Google app virus issue

source – Avast


Earlier this week, Huawei smartphone users shared an issue regarding a threat alert. Surprisingly, it’s related to the Google app. These phones were launched before 2019 and all of these have Google certificates.

Screenshots on different forums and online support channels show that Huawei phones are flagging the Google app as “TorjanSMS-PA”

The details of the threat read “This app is infected” and “This app was detected sending SMS privately, enticing users to pay with adult content, downloading/installing apps privately, or stealing private information, which may cause property damage and privacy leakage. We recommend uninstalling it immediately”.

This led to a panic among Huawei phone owners as most of them shared different concerns including data theft by the addressed malware. However, the statement from Avast might cool down the whole Google app virus issue in Huawei phones.


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