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August 2023 EMUI security fixes various software and feature issues



Huawei EMUI

Huawei has released the security patch details for the August 2023 EMUI bulletin. And there are new improvements in security as well as fixes in various parts of the software for global smartphone users.

Talking about the issues first, the company has fixed defects in the security algorithm component. It also fixes defects in the design process of multi-device task centers on the EMUI 12 version.

The security patches input verification vulnerabilities in storage and audio modules. While also adjusting parameters strictly verified in the AMS module. The permission control in the window management module is also fixed on EMUI 13 version.

There are a lot of issues patched in the August 2023 Huawei EMUI security bulletin and you can check them via the link given below. In contrast, this patch fixes 1 critical, 12 high-level, and 27 CVE fixes found in the past month’s security bulletin.

The latest improvements made in EMUI software will rollout soon to Huawei smartphones via the OTA update method. You can check for the latest firmware via Settings > System & updates and then Software update. You can follow the on-screen instruction to complete the entire process.

EMUI 13 is also underway for beta test, the company has already launched EMUI 13 OTA update for Huawei P50 Pro, P50 Pocket, and other eligible devices. However, the testing phase is in progress and may take some time to rollout stable builds.

Here are all of the CVE codes under explanation:

Huawei EMUI


  • CVE-2023-21250


  • CVE-2022-27405, CVE-2022-27406, CVE-2023-20918, CVE-2023-21145, CVE-2023-21238, CVE-2023-21246, CVE-2023-21241, CVE-2022-42703, CVE-2021-0948, CVE-2023-22386, CVE-2023-28541, CVE-2023-28542


  • none


  • none

Already included in previous updates:

  • CVE-2022-20199, CVE-2023-21180, CVE-2023-21168, CVE-2023-21193, CVE-2023-21167, CVE-2023-21172, CVE-2023-21173, CVE-2023-21175, CVE-2023-20973, CVE-2023-20974, CVE-2023-20977, CVE-2023-20979, CVE-2023-20980, CVE-2023-20981, CVE-2023-20982, CVE-2023-20983, CVE-2023-20985, CVE-2023-20986, CVE-2023-20987, CVE-2023-20988, CVE-2023-20989, CVE-2023-20990, CVE-2023-21196, CVE-2023-21199, CVE-2023-21201, CVE-2023-21202, CVE-2023-21185


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