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August 2022 Huawei EMUI security update details are here



August 2022 Huawei EMUI update

Huawei has released the August 2022 EMUI security update details for smartphones and tablet devices. The latest EMUI update details came during the time of the EMUI 12 expansion and expectations for the EMUI 13.

According to the information, the EMUI August 2022 security update for Huawei devices will bring fixes for various issues in the system found in the July 2022 update builds or older. Don’t forget that the company will soon send this update to the consumers over the OTA update method.

As revealed in the bulletin, Huawei EMUI August 2022 security patches 2 critical bugs found in the EMUI system, while there are 10 high-level CVEs fixed in the high section. On the other hand, there were no new issues noted in the medium and low level of security aspects.

However, the patch also fixes vulnerabilities found in the previous updates, which counts a total of 23. Talking specifically, this patch has its own importance, as it fixes issues in storage leak, memory overwriting, My Huawei App bugs, basic software framework,l settings module, security access, and more.

These issues have been noted for versions – EMUI 10, EMUI 11, and EMUI 12. The security also covers some aspects of Magic UI software of Honor devices that were launched before the Huawei and Honor breakup.

Below you can check all of the CVE codes for all levels of vulnerabilities found and fixed in this month’s patch.


  • CVE-2022-20222, CVE-2022-20229


  • CVE-2022-20221, CVE-2022-20223, CVE-2022-20224, CVE-2022-20225, CVE-2022-20226, CVE-2022-20228, CVE-2022-20230, CVE-2022-20220, CVE-2022-20227, CVE-2022-22058


  • None


  • None

Already included in previous updates:

  • CVE-2022-20124, CVE-2022-20129, CVE-2022-20138, CVE-2022-20144, CVE-2022-20194, CVE-2022-20198, CVE-2022-20209, CVE-2018-25020, CVE-2021-44733, CVE-2021-33034, CVE-2022-20154, CVE-2021-35073, CVE-2021-35076, CVE-2021-35086, CVE-2021-35096, CVE-2021-30340, CVE-2021-30343, CVE-2021-30347, CVE-2022-20123, CVE-2022-20127, CVE-2022-20131, CVE-2022-20147, CVE-2022-21745

August 2022 Huawei EMUI update

(source – Huawei)

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