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Apple sales decline 6%, Android 33% in US: Report



apple decline 6% android 33%

Statics from Counterpoint research reveals that Apple still leading the US smartphone market for the second quarter of this year with a 6% decline, while the Android cadre dropped by 33%.

According to the data, US smartphone shipments declined 24% YoY in Q2 2023. This is the third consecutive quarter of YoY declines. Android phone makers including Samsung, Motorola, and TCL-Alcatel saw the steepest declines in shipments. But Apple’s share of shipments increased YoY.

apple decline 6% android 33%

Specifically, Samsung dropped by 37 percent, Motorola by 17 percent, TCL by 69 percent, and others counted a 52 percent decline overall. But Google Pixel devices stand aside with one and only growth maker accounting for 48 percent YoY increase.

“Despite fewer shipments from Apple compared to the same quarter last year, the brand’s share of shipments was still up 10% YoY. Apple’s resilience was driven by strong promotions across postpaid and prepaid. Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile continued to offer $800+ promo credits for the iPhone 14 while old-generation iPhones were also steeply discounted across prepaid.” wrote Counterpoint.


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