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App Icons Comparison: EMUI 12, One UI 5.0, iOS 16, OxygenOS 13, MIUI 13 and more



app icons comparison

App icons are there to identify an app and allow you to open it with a tap. However, these app icons are different in each software and we’ll be going to conduct a comparison altogether.

For this app icons comparison, we’ve picked some of the most popular and used mobile software – iOS and custom Android skins from Huawei, Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, and Oppo including EMUI, One UI, OxygenOS, MIUI respectively, and more.

We’ve also included stock Android 13 in this race, so you’ll be able to review it as well.

One UI:

One UI is the official sponsor of Android and it’s One UI 5.0 has not changed a bit. In terms of exploration, the icons are colorful and consist of white icons and solid colors. The icons have a background shape of a rounded rectangle.

This Android skin also has Android apps, and their icons look way better on white backgrounds as compared to Samsung’s own apps.

one ui 5.0 app icons


Time to move on to Huawei and its latest global software – EMUI 12, we’ve not included HarmonyOS 2 because it shares the same icon measurements. EMUI 12 app icons have 3D effects in icons such as Settings, which looks very interactive. Also, other icons such as the camera is clearly visible to the user.

On the other hand, solid icons such as Message, dialer, and AppGallery also have finishings with light and dark color combinations. That looks better.

Huawei phones don’t come with Google apps, yet the app icon design hits right into the focus.

emui 12 app icons


iOS is a self-originator and it has indirectly taught many Android phone makers how to create app icons. It’s not praised but it’s reality, iOS app icons are balanced while mixing – contrast, dark colors, and the logo of the icon, and the result of this sum results in a shape and easy-to-find icon design.

The one that I’ve seen on iOS reflects when the device installs software update and the Settings icon animations accordingly. It looks realistic, as it is.

ios 16 app icons


OnePlus has a design inspired by stock Android, simple and plain throughout the user interface (UI). However, OxygenOS 13 is different and Material You has helped OnePlus to create new aesthetics for the users.

Let’s come to the icons, Yes, icons are sharp and the background shape of each icon is filled decently and looks sharp. Throughout the UI, the camera icon has really got my attention.



Next comes MIUI, Xiaomi has decided to put its app icons inside a rounded rectangle, which creates a subtle effect in visibility and brings in a good feel of interaction. Meanwhile, most of the app section is filled with Google apps such as phone, message, and chrome.

Therefore, MIUI app icons also fall into the good category.


Stock Android:

The beginning of all of the custom Android software skins is called Stock Android and the icons are plain and simple, while Android app icons remain in the middle of all user experiences and suit best all smartphone users.

However, the one thing that could not go unmentioned comes under dynamic icons that allow you to change the entire app icons into two-color scheme that has a separate impact on the user and it looks marvelous.

Other Android phone makers will also come with dynamic icons but no one can do this better than stock Android.

stock android

app icons comparison

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