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Android 15 may sport new ‘widget disable’ feature for Force-Stopped apps



Android 15 Force-Stopped apps widget

Google is working on a new ‘widget disable’ feature for Force-Stopped apps that will likely come with Android 15. With the upcoming major update, the company is adjusting the applications’ behavior for a more productive user experience.

Force-Stop function is essential for times when one of the apps in your phone starts behaving weirdly. Doing so temporarily stops the application and its operations.

It is a manual feature that acts as a reboot of the specific app without uninstalling it. But in case you have enabled the widget option for this application, then it might continue to work in the background despite being force-stopped.

Hence Google is now bringing a new solution to this issue. By the name, the Android 15 ‘widget disable’ feature for Force-Stopped apps will gray out (not highlighted, showing that it’s unavailable) or disable the widget of that particular app temporarily.

Android 15 Force-Stopped apps widget

Android 15 to bring a new widget disable feature for Force-Stopped apps (Image Credits: Google)

This will ultimately cancel out any pending activities, ongoing tasks, or operations of the app. Users cannot use the widget until and unless they re-launch the force-stopped app on the device. You can directly open the app by tapping on its icon.

Once you re-launch the app, its widget will turn back to its original shade, confirming that it is in action mode. The useful change is likely to show up with the stable Android 15 upgrade coming later this year.


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