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Android 15 could enable you to find your phone even when it’s turned off



Android 15 find your phone off

Android 15 will introduce a variety of advanced features that can help phone users in their daily life operations and one of them could be the Powered Off Finder setting that will let you find your device even when it is in switched-off mode.

Google does have a ‘Find My Device’ feature. However, it is not widely available to Android phone users. But it seems the company will finally execute the rollout of this capability via a new ‘Powered Off Finder smartphone feature.

As the name reflects, this Android 15 feature will allow you to find your “compatible” phone even when they are not active or turned off. The effective system works by enabling the device to store precomputed Bluetooth beacons in the memory.

Hence, it would be able to broadcast the already stored Bluetooth units to other nearby Android(s) that are part of the Find My Device network. Notably, this feature will run on specific devices due to advanced hardware support that lets them power the Bluetooth controller when it gets off.

Android 15 find your phone off

Powered Off Finder (Source: AndroidPolice)

This further hints that smartphone vendors need to make adjustments to their upcoming flagships that can efficiently support Android 15 and its new feature.

Probably, the Google Pixel 9 series coming later this year could be the first handset to feature the new Powered Off Finder capability. Although we need more official inputs on this matter.

On the other hand, the all-new Powered Off Finding system API will rely on the Google Play Services app. Eventually, the U.S. tech giant will initially roll out the feature support to Play Services so that devices can use it without interruptions.


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