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Android 14 devices will require partition verification ability



Android 14 devices partition verification

Android 14 has started making its space in the news headlines. In the latest development, Android analyst Mishaal Rahman reported that Android 14 devices will require boot partition verification ability.

Generally, Android phones contain a variety of partitions to manage files and other data. For instance, boot partition, system partition, recovery partition, cache partition, and so on. Every partition plays an important role in organizing and handling these details.

To be specific, these partitions hold temporary data which often counts as optional. However, many times these partition stores some crucial and confidential data points that third-party access can alter easily.

Moreover, the system does not store your partition’s data and does not encrypt it either. Consequently, a simple factory reset or one boot to your device can easily erase all the partition’s data.

Hence, it is important to protect these segments from external edits and unnecessary deletions at times of access. For doing so, Google is imposing some major software elements to Android 14 that can make partition verifications. And so has to be with the devices.

Android 14 devices partition verification

Today, the well-known observer Mishaal Rahman shared a tweet on this matter. According to him, Android 14 devices should be capable of partition verification ability.

Further, these devices must shield the partitions from external edits. So that they may not get modified whenever they are accessed. On the other hand, the handsets should be capable of saving them even if the booting function takes place.

“Devices launching with Android 14+ will be required to verify that protected partitions have not been modified every time they are read from, rather than once per boot.”

Manufacturers have to make changes!

Google is preparing the next Android version with new and innovative pinches. As a result, the tech makers have to alter their devices to a huge extent to match the Android 14 compatibility.

Previously, we reported that Android 14 will force the devices to support the AV1 video coding format. Now, the upcoming Android version is asking for advanced security measures to protect the user’s data and privacy in a better way.

It seems like Android 14 will brings many high-level changes for users. This is just the beginning and we would like to see what changes will the upcoming operating system offer to its users.

Android 14 devices partition verification


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