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Android 13 Per-App Language feature is a game changer for multilingual users



Android 13 Per-app language

Google continues to bring new features and reflective services. The same goes with the Android 13 operating system which brings a very efficient per-app language feature on its board.

Though all the Android 13 features are worth praising. Yet, per-app language is a game changer in the latest software. It’s something that users have been looking for a long time. The feature not only makes your app experience efficient but also provides more benefits.

Ever happened that you wanted to change the language for a specific application, but ended up changing it for your entire handset? If yes, then Android 13 Per-App language is the right tool for you.

What is Per-App Language?

As the name suggests, the feature prefers a language for every particular application on your phone. Now you have the option to set a convenient language on a per-app basis without changing the language settings for the whole device system.

If you are a bilingual user like me or multilingual then you can easily understand how this feature will play a crucial role in uplifting the app’s efficiency. While I’m proficient in English, I prefer French most of the time due to which, I often need to deal with inappropriate translating apps.

But finally, the restrictions are over. Now I can easily set the apps with the French language. The best part of this feature is it supports most of the applications of your phone. Hence, you are free to apply any language to a specific app on your device.

Interestingly, the respective feature is useful in several ways. For instance, if you are learning a new language, then apply the particular language to some of the apps. Consequently, this will help you in leaving the default system language for some time and will indulge you with the preferred vocabulary.

Android 13 Per-app language

How to access this feature?

First, you need to upgrade your device to the latest Android 13 software. Without this step, you cannot enjoy the benefits of this feature. Once done, you can follow the instructions given below:

  • Open the Settings menu
  • Scroll down and select the System option
  • Tap on the Languages and Input option
  • Choose App Languages
  • Now check the apps that you would like to change the language for
  • Tap the application and select the new language

It might happen that you will not see the change immediately. Hence, don’t panic. Just try restarting your device. This could probably show you a few changes in certain app adjustments.

Further, you may not find many apps supporting this thoughtful feature at the moment. When I tried this feature, I only found 40 percent of the apps in the per-app language list.

But this isn’t a big issue, as the new feature is quite in demand among consumers. So if not now, the company will push the per-app language feature support to more applications in the time ahead.

Do you like this feature? Despite the answer, I would recommend giving a try to the Android 13 Per-App Language function, as it brings convenience to your fingertips.

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