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AITO Wenjie M5 is receiving new feature upgrade and optimizations



Huawei AITO M5 first update

AITO is sending a brand new upgrade for the AITO Wenjie M5 smart car including feature optimizations. According to the changelog, this software update comes in batches with firmware version V1.3.101SP10.

The changelog contains a new urban lane cruise assist feature. It added auxiliary functions for smart driving and navigation in urban areas (Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Hangzhou). The update also adds intelligent assisted custom parking features.

This new upgrade for AITO M5 will also optimize assisted parking experience, instrument UI display, and online experience. Furthermore, this upgrade will optimize and repair many issues inside the system.

There are some important things that you should know about the upgrade experience. This software installation will take less than 60 minutes. To ensure safety, the vehicle must be parked in a safe area, and adequate network connection.

put the P gear, and ensure that the battery is fully charged before upgrading. During the upgrade process, there may be short-term fault prompts, screen off, driving lights on, and others, which are completely normal. After completing the installation, the display (such as battery life, and tire pressure) could work abnormally for a short time, and it will be restored after driving a certain distance for self-learning.

AITO M5 new upgrade


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