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Aito M7 SUV will launch at Huawei Nova 10 series event on 4th of July



Aito M7 SUV launch

Huawei hearsay to conduct a summer new product conference for unveiling the long-awaited Nova 10 series. On the same side, the company will also launch the super-agile AITO M7 SUV car and a bunch of more new products.

According to the information, AITO Auto officially stated that the AITO M7 SUV luxury, as well as the smart large electric SUV, will launch at the same summer new product conference where the Chinese tech maker will reveal the Nova 10 series.

AITO M7 SUV: Features

Speaking about the innovation of Huawei and Celis, the Wenjie M7 design hints at a teeny-weeny exterior, but with a large interior room. It shows a 6-seat layout. Further, it has a measurement of 5050 x 1945 x 1775 mm and comprises a wheelbase of 2820mm.

Aito M7 SUV launch

On the flip side, the car is in news to offer two power modes – the extended-range, and another is the pure electric. Giving brief info, the extended-range powers a 40.06-degree (258 kg) ternary lithium battery. Moreover, it has a permanent magnet synchronous motor that exhibits a power of 130kW/200kW.

Meanwhile, the WLTC pure electric has a battery life of 135km. Aside, it consumes fuel up to 7.45L per 100 kilometers.  Highlighting the slogan, “The new ’10’ generation, the new ‘7’ to be”, the AITO M7 SUV  will deliver a comfortable and smart experience to its users.

Compared to the Wenjie M5, released last year in December, the M7 is much more powerful as well as luxurious. And we expect, to have a delightful experience with this new technology.

So far, Yu Chengdong mentioned in one of his statements, that the AITO M7 SUV will come into existence and launch by the end of June. Further, it will appear in front of the users by July end. It seems like things are running on the right track as the release will hold in the Shenzhen Chuncoong stadium on the 4th of July.


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