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AITO cars receiving new smart car parking and guard features



Huawei AITO M5

Huawei backed AITO today pushing a new major feature upgrade for all of the Wenjie series cars including the new smart car parking capability. According to the details, the new update brings an overall of 4 changes and we’ll look into them one by one.

Valet Parking Assistance (AVP)

Launched with the AITO M5 Smart Driving version, the new AVP feature is something on a different level of smart assistance. Whether it’s a single or multi-floor parking lot or a multi-floor building, the new feature enables the car to automatically model the parking environment.

For the first time, while entering the parking lot, the system will start mapping the entire route in 3D. During this process, the driver has control to reverse, turn, and take other controls from the car in scenarios of any miscalculation.

Once in the parking lot, the driver can enable the valet parking feature via vehicle assistance. The vehicle will automatically cruise to the target parking space and complete parking.

If the parking lot has all of the space occupied, the car will intelligently find a parking space and land the car in that place. This will all happen without manual control.

Smart Guard:

This is another useful feature for AITO car users. The Smart Guard is a combination of visual algorithms and vibration detection to detect the changes around the vehicle and keep the status of the vehicle in real time.

For example, the smart guard can detect whether the car is about to get harmed such as scratches, window damage, and others. If so, the car will automatically record the video of such an incident and save the footage for owner review.


The two other additions to AITO cars include a new music-learning app and a new infotainment system game.


The new addition of smart parking and smart guard features are amazing and useful capabilities for the AITO car users and it’s suggested for all AITO users to install this new update.

AITO smart car parking update

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