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After Huawei, Honor could be next to launch a satellite smartwatch



Honor satellite smartwatch

Huawei has unveiled the world’s first satellite smartwatch in the form of Watch Ultimate, and it looks like Honor is planning to follow the same suit. The latest information reveals that the Magic 6 series developer is working on a wearable product.

Tipster @SmartPikachu says that Honor has a new satellite smartwatch. While the leak doesn’t describe any major detail regarding the wearable, it hints that the Chinese tech giant is working on another significant product for its consumers.

It is unclear what the alleged smartwatch will accompany on board. Just like Huawei, it might support two-way satellite SMS capability. Meanwhile, we could find more interesting segments including design and new features at the launch stage.

Notably, Honor is in rumors to unveil the iconic Magic 6 RSR Porsche Edition by March 2024. Perhaps, the company may introduce a satellite smartwatch alongside the extraordinary phone. Though official inputs are yet to arrive on this matter.

Honor satellite smartwatch

Huawei Watch Ultimate: First Satellite Smartwatch

Huawei never disappoints its users when it comes to innovation and the use of advanced technology. A good example is the Watch Ultimate which accompanies satellite SMS features for consumers and appears as a leader in the wrist gadget category.

Eventually, the device brings the two-way satellite SMS facility at times of emergency. It further has a dedicated button in the top left corner for this function. All you need to do is, tap and hold the button for 3 seconds to generate a satellite text.

To carry out this functionality, the Watch Ultimate bears a compact radio frequency module, an in-built suspension antenna design, and a nano-molding integrated technology to obtain the base for the signal transmission in a tiny space.

Honor is currently leading with strong satellite connectivity for the Magic 6 Pro handset. It would be worth seeing how the company makes its first satellite smartwatch different from Huawei.

Huawei Watch Ultimate


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