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11 Years ago Huawei launched a ‘Vision’ smartphone, now it’s a brand



Huawei Vision smartphone brand

Huawei and its latest technologies are rapidly making their way into the market. In the meantime, we have also seen many devices re-emerging from the base – with a new face, and in a new way. A good example is the Huawei Vision smartphone that is coming back on the user ground but now, as a brand.

Yes, the Vision smartphone! Do you remember this tag? It’s been a long while since we have come across this topic. But now, it has become quite prominent to discuss the Vision smartphone as Huawei has again brought it to the surface in the name of its sub-brand.

To begin with, we have reported that Huawei is soon going to launch two new smart screens in the form of its sub-brand. Now, as per the reports of Weibo blogger @KanshanUncle, these new gadgets will take place in the market as Huawei Vision Smart Screen 75, and Huawei Vision Smart Screen 86.

Huawei Vision smartphone brand

Huawei Vision – The same as the 2011 device!

Huawei Vision – The exact name that the Chinese manufacturer has rolled out in 2011 in the figure of a cloud mobile phone. The phone was carrying an Android 2.3 system and a Qualcomm 1GHz MSM8255 processor. With a 3.7-inch of WVGA (Wide Video Graphics Array) capacitive screen, and 512MB + 2GB memory, the device made its debut in the merchandise.

Thereafter, the company once again showcased the name ‘Vision’ with its smart screens in 2019 and made a grand introduction to the global market. But, for some unknown reasons, the name remains deprived in the native region – China.

Even at that moment, the company stated that this isn’t a smart TV, but a big-screen smartphone. Looks like, finally the company is introducing its very old device as a smart screen and could bring it to its home town.

In terms of specifications, it’s only visible that the two smart screens will bring a 75-inch and an 86-inch display screen. The rest of the things are still under the hood. But the pre-ordering process is yet going on. Hence, you have the chance to make look over these devices in advance from HERE.

Huawei Vision smartphone brand

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