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10 Years of Huawei Mate Series, every Mate flagship launch details



10 years Huawei Mate series

Finally, the wait is over, and Huawei has officially announced the release date of the most anticipated smartphone product – the Mate 50 series. Another interesting piece of news that comes along is that the Huawei Mate series has completed 10 years of its existence.

Yes, now that’s something like the cherry on the cake for the Chinese tech maker. It is an enormous and joyful moment for Huawei as it has fruitfully completed 10 years of the Mate series smartphones and is all set to add one more bashing member to this family.

In 10 years, the Chinese manufacturer has introduced several outstanding gadgets in the Mate lineup. And it is worth mentioning that every device in this series has some dynamic features which serve them as unique ones from other ordinary devices.

So let’s jump on this cruise of excelled Mate series, and learn about their growth in brief!

Huawei Mate Series – 10 years of success!

10 years Huawei Mate series

Huawei has begun its Mate series journey in 2013, by releasing the first ever Mate smartphone. The device has won many hearts with its attractive “My Pocket Cinema” theme. Ultimately, the company has given a new mate to the users to work and enjoy their routine tasks with.

Thereafter, Huawei introduced the Mate 2 handset in 2014 with some more advanced and efficient techniques. Since there were some new tugs implemented on the device, the company brought the smartphone with the tagline “Thinking is too far”.

Again in the same year, Huawei featured the Mate 7 model with a Jazz Life mode, in September. This time, the device was standing on some coherent functions that were capable of providing ease at the users’ fingertips.

By November 2015, the Chinese tech giant gave rise to the Mate 8 smartphone. Eventually, these models appeared with a high-grade performance and long-lasting battery life. From here, the company begins to concentrate on performance and power consumption, so that users can spend more time on their devices without any hindrance.

Just after one year, Huawei Mate 9 made its debut on the consumer platform. This was the time when users got their first high-profiled handy gadget with a handful of new attributes.

Mate 10 series – A new era of smartphones!

Huawei then served its consumers with the Mate 10 series in the Halloween month of 2017. Just like some sweet offerings, the company gave the users a chance to foresee the future with the 10th version of the Mate lineup.

After a few months, in March 2018, Huawei brought a new addition to the Mate series – the Mate RS Porsche Design. As the name reflects, this was high-end and a massive device in the overall smartphone products.

In the same year, Huawei decided to launch the Mate 20 series and executed its plan by October. We all know well about how the Mate 20 series gained the name and fame in the global market in just a short span of time.

Thereafter, the company came up with the decision to keep on introducing the Mate series with new versions every year. In September 2019, Huawei brought the Mate 30 series giving a revamp to the camera bump as well as the users’ imagination.

This sequence continued with the Mate 40 lineup that introduced the most powerful lens hood in the handset series. Alongside, it gave birth to an eye-catching exterior look with high-tech functions and mechanisms.

And now we are eagerly looking forward to the Mate 50 series that is bringing another new technology in its pocket – XMAGE. On the flip side, there is a lot more to explore in the upcoming flagship models. What are these points of exploration? Well, you can grab every bit about the device in the links mentioned below.


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