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Xiaomi MIUI 13/Android 12 for Redmi Note 10 Pro and Mi 11 Lite rolling out



MIUI 13 android 12 Redmi note 10 pro

Xiaomi has started rolling out Android 12 based MIUI 13 update for Redmi Note 10 Pro, Mi 11 Lite smartphones. This stable update is available for Mi Pilot at present. However, we have an expectation about a public release of this update for consumers across the globe shortly.

MIUI 13 has been a popular term in the last few months. The latest software update brings many smart features that enhance the performance as well as stability of the system. Although, we often find some differences between the global version and the Chinese version of this software.

Versions of the Update

According to Xiomiui, The Android 12 based MIUI 13 update for Redmi Note 10 Pro, Mi 11 lite is accessible to the users with a particular version. For Redmi Note 10 Pro, the update is available with version V13.0.2.0.SKFMIXM for Mi Pilot users. Whereas, Mi 11 Lite users receive the update with version V13.0.2.0.SKQMIXM.

MIUI 13 android 12 Redmi note 10 pro

Difference between Global & China Stable

There are some features that you can find in the China stable but are missing from the Global update and vice versa. In spite of some changes, the functioning and the reliability of the system remain at the best for both releases.

The global MIUI 13 update is still in the continuation with Roboto font instead of the new Mi Sans Font. Besides this, the new live wallpapers still remain unknown in the global stable. The global update also lacks the control center. The same goes for the MIUI 13 China stable, the background permissions for various application is not available for the country stable except for the global version only.

The background permission feature allows the users to track the applications that access the camera, microphone, and location of the device. This feature is similar to the privacy indicator and dashboard in the Android 12 operating system. The feature can be enabled from the ‘Privacy’ section of the Settings menu.

Update Instructions

As it is a beta version, the users can download and install this update manually using the MIUI downloader. The users can also wait and check for the updates by moving to the “Settings” section of the device. Then select the “About Phone” option and click on the “System Updates”.

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