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With RMB 727 million investment, Huawei Hyperfusion digital technology will work in AI field




Recent information from the Chinese Intellectual Property database shows that Huawei establishes a Hyperfusion digital technology on 13th September. This branch will mainly help the company in researching AI (artificial intelligence) related fields.

Huawei attorney Zheng Liying will legally represent this company. In addition, this base is established with a registered capital of RMB 727 million. This company will empower Huawei to accelerate its digital research and bring more innovative solutions.

The business scope of this firm includes various files related to IoT technologies, manufacturing, sales, consulting, research, and development of innovative products. If we make a list of major elements, it’ll include the following-

  • Integrated circuit design
  • Computer system service
  • Industrial engineering design services
  • Network technology services
  • Technical consultation
  • Artificial intelligence general application system
  • Artificial intelligence innovation service platform
  • Artificial intelligence public platform technical consulting services
  • Artificial Intelligence hardware sales
  • Digital video surveillance system sales
  • Computer information system security special product sales
  • Information technology consulting services
  • Communication equipment sales
  • Import and Export of manufactured products

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 Huawei hyperfusion digital technology

Huawei to Develop Digital Economy:

Huawei believes that the digital economy is the key technology to fight against environmental changes. Improving digital flexibility will lead us towards an advanced society with future-oriented technologies. Innovation in the digital network, technology, business, and talent cultivation will help in setting up a new intelligent scenario.

Huawei Fusion Technology

On 8th July, Huawei founded its solely owned branch Fusion Technology Co. Ltd. with Zheng Liying as its legitimate authority. The company’s business scope mainly includes digital equipment manufacturing, sales, and various services in big data, AI, IoT, and network technology. (Read Here)

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