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Will Honor phones use Huawei Kirin chips? CMO responds



Honor Huawei Kirin chips

A few rumors have been saying that future Honor phones will use Huawei Kirin chips. The statement was in the news for a couple of days. Although one of the company’s chief executives has finally responded to this matter, clearing the air.

Jiang Hairong – the CMO of Honor Mobile Company has denied using Huawei Kirin chips for its phones. He didn’t elaborate much but said, ‘It is complete nonsense’.

The story began when some tipsters mentioned that Honor is planning to use Kirin processors for its upcoming premium handsets. A few said that the company began internal testing of the ‘Honor Kirin Core Edition’ and the new chip is in progress.

Others predicted that since the Kirin chip production has now increased, it has become sufficient for both Huawei and Honor. Perhaps the latter might adopt Kirin for Chinese phone units while shipping Qualcomm-powered devices in global markets.

Honor Huawei Kirin chips

Honor refutes rumor of using Kirin chips (Image Credits: Weibo)

Weibo account @LEAR even wrote that Honor is using its Kirin Edition for the first batch of engineering machines. These devices will likely show up in the first half of 2025.

Honor Huawei Kirin chips

Honor refutes rumor of using Kirin chips (Image Credits: Weibo)

Although Jiang has now denied these rumors. Honor will likely continue its journey with chip partners like Qualcomm, MediaTek, and UniSoc rather than shifting to Kirin.

Honor used to equip Kirin chips for its phones. A few examples are the Honor 9X, Honor 20i, 10 Lite, and more. But after the separation from its parent company, the Magic 6 maker tried to become an independent firm instead of relying on others.

In a previous interview, Honor’s CEO said that the company would like to remain a respectable competitor of Huawei rather than go back to it. Hence, the current rumor of using Kirin chips in future Honor phones is completely false.

Honor Huawei Kirin chips

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