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WhatsApp upgrades video call experience with three useful features



WhatsApp video call features

WhatsApp is now introducing three essential features that will enhance the video call experience for users. These significant additions boost the video quality, improve the audio functioning, and make it available across all devices.

Both Android and iOS users will get more tools to initiate a video call. WhatsApp has mentioned the new prominent video call features on its official blog, which are:

  1. More participants
  2. Screen sharing with audio
  3. Speaker spotlight

Starting with the group calls, WhatsApp now lets you connect with up to 32 members at once. This feature is available across all devices such as smartphones, tablets, and even desktops. Just enter the group, make the video call, and let others join in.

Another significant feature is ‘screen sharing with audio’. Just like its name, you can now share the screen alongside audio with your video call companion. This is perfect when you want to watch some of your favorite clips with your friends.

WhatsApp video call features

WhatsApp introduces new video call features (Image Credits: WhatsApp)

The third feature is ‘Speaker Spotlight’ which notifies you about the member using a speaker while being on the call. The company also says that it will soon launch the MLow codec to optimize call reliability and cancel noise or echo in the background.

MLow refers to machine learning-based audio codecs that aim to offer good-quality sound at low bitrates. Hence you will receive an immersive experience during both voice and video calls on WhatsApp. The company will gradually roll out these features to users in the coming weeks.

(Source – WhatsApp)

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