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WhatsApp testing a new Syncing Devices feature with latest beta version



Earlier, WhatsApp has been working on a chat history migration feature for Android users and released a beta update with version last month. Meanwhile, it was already avaialble for iOS users.

As of now, the method of chat history migration is still unknown but there is the possibility that Google Drive will be used to temporarily store the chat history.

Here’s the question that pop-ups in the user’s mind, what happens after the chat is migrated to another device?. The answer is in the new WhatsApp beta update.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has announced the latest WhatsApp beta update for syncing devices with version The current status of this version under development and will be available in the future stable update.


After the chat migration, the devices will start to be in sync with each other and this is useful for some chat history like pinned, starred messages, or any other background service.

When both the current and other devices working with the same WhatsApp account and chat syncing started, a notification will be presented on the main device. But the actions related to chat deletion won’t be applied on another device like:

  • Deleting a chat on a device won’t remove the same chat on another device.
  • Deleting a specific message for everyone will delete it on any linked device.
  • Deleting a specific message for you won’t delete it on linked devices.


WhatsApp is still working on multi-device and what needs to be synced, so everything might change before the release: the last word has not been said yet.

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WhatsApp to enable privacy settings for Desktop users



WhatsApp Desktop privacy settings

WhatsApp is making it possible for desktop users to manage their privacy settings within the system itself. The developers seem to be more concerned about the privacy setting for the users.

The noted point is, users aren’t able to change their privacy settings in the Desktop systems. They have to use smartphones to customize the settings, which is quite hectic to use often.

However, WhatsApp is also customizing the privacy options for smartphone users on iOS and Androids. Related to this, a new “My Contact Except” function is being developed that’ll release soon.

As for the WhatsApp Web/Desktop users, we are seeing back-to-back editions after the multi-device feature. Now, this privacy setting feature will bring more conveniences for the users in the WhatsApp Desktop.


The team is designing a separate privacy window to place the options that are the same as the smartphone users. Below you can check the image preview-

(WhatsApp Desktop privacy settings, image from WABetaInfo)

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WhatsApp Desktop Privacy Settings:

We can clearly see in the image that users can change their privacy settings for Lats Seen, Profile, About, Group, and Blocked contacts within the system. Once this feature will be available, there will be no need for users to check smartphones.


Besides, you can also see that WhatsApp has also initiated a new beta program for desktop users. It’ll allow them to be a part of this beta activity and help the developers to bring more modifications to this application.

However, it is in the development phase and will roll out with the future update. Thereby, it might be possible to have more features in the final release.

Previous WhatsApp Update:

In the previous edition, WhatsApp has rolled out the Message rating function with the Android beta update. It allows users to rate a particular message received from business accounts.

Furthermore, WhatsApp cannot see its content and who rated that message. The feedback is saved as purely anonymous with end-to-end encrypted messages. Overall, all ratings help businesses improve their messages to customers.


(Source: WABetaInfo)

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WhatsApp Message rating function rolling out for business users



WhatsApp Message rating

WhatsApp starts rolling an interesting Message rating function rolling out for its business users. It has been a week since we have seen a new enhancement for the WhatsApp business accounts. But as expected, the developers didn’t forget to bring more modifications for this version.

Speaking of Message Rating, it’s a familiar function that we use in any other platform for rating applications, products, and services. Intialiitaly, this feature was introduced to assure the reliability of a product and service. However, there is a tweak in the case of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Bussiness users will be able to rate a particular message to let the provider know how helpful was the message. Furthermore, users will be able to block or report the account if the message is offending but rating it’ll help others too.

Before discussing the working procedure and other features lets’ take a look at the screenshot of it.


WhatsApp Message Rating

(WhatsApp Message Rating, Images Form WABetaInfo)

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WhatsApp Message Rating:

As we can see in the image, when a user receives a message from a business account, he/she will be able to rate it. To do this, long press on the message and you can see this “Rate” option on the top bar in the report and copy section.

When you click on this option, the rating window will appear containing a note and rating stars. Yet if you change your mind about rating it, you can tap on the cross button (top left of the window), or continue to rate the message.


Still, if your worry about your privacy, WhatsApp has also taken care of that. After submitting the ratings the user’s identity won’t be revealed. You can check the below mention for further information-

  • This feature is only available when you receive a message from business accounts
  • WhatsApp won’t be able to see your rating content
  • Users feedback and identity will save as anonymous
  •  Messages are still end-to-end encrypted

Rolling Out Status:

WhatsApp Message Rating feature starts rolling out with the Android beta update. There may be a slight possibility that this feature also appears with the previous update as well.

Yet, only the selected beta testers from the Android platform are receiving this feature. However, WhatsApp hasn’t made any announcement regarding the iOS users but is expected to release soon.

Overall, this message rating will help the WhatsApp business users to improve the information of their messages. It’ll bring enhanced experiences for the users as well as the business users.

(Source: WABetaInfo)

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WhatsApp rolling out the Undo Status update for Android device



WhatsApp Status Update

Not only the privacy, but WhatsApp is also making the delete functions faster. Recently, WhatsApp introduce a new Undo Status feature that has started to send for Android devices.

Well, the new function will allow a user to remove their status quickly. It has the same function as the delete but it’s a more fast way to erase status if has been sent mistakenly or unplanned.

However, the users will be able to use the delete process as previously, it’s just a quicker way. In addition, WhatsApp will also inform the users after they’ll undo their status.

As of now, you can check the preview of where you can find this function in the app-


Whatsapp Status Undo

(Image Credit: WABetaInfo)

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Rolling out Status:

The WhatsApp Undo Status feature has started to roll out with the Android version update for some specific beta testers. Yet, some users might already have this feature after installing the beta update.

Still, if you have been updated on the laters version and don’t see this feature, it hasn’t been enabled on your devices. Therefore, the users are required to wait for the next update and then check the availability of this feature.


At present, it has only available for devices working on Android platforms. The iOS users might have to wait for a few more days. The team will soon release the function with a future update.

More About WhatsApp:

Previously WhatsApp informed about the copy sticker image function for the WhatsApp Web user. It will appear when a user mouse over the sticker in the chat. Furthermore, the users will be able to share the converted stickers in other chats. It first appears on the macOS devices meanwhile the further information hasn’t cleared yet.  (Read Full Story Here)

(Source: WABetaInfo)

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