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WhatsApp rolling out a Mama Love Mother’s Day sticker pack for Android and iOS users



A few days ago, WhatsApp has released 6 new sticker packs for all users, which are available at the WhatsApp sticker store. Because nowadays sticker conversations are becoming popular and text doesn’t always capable to present feelings.

According to WABetaInfo, with the latest WhatsApp version, a new collection sticker called Mama Love is pushed out on the occasion of Mother’s day, which is on May 9, this year.

Using this sticker pack, WhatsApp users can take advantage of Mama Love stickers to wish their mom in a very expressive way. For more information, this set of stickers is created by Paula Cruz, and the update weight of 2.7MB.


  • Open any WhatsApp chat
  • Tap the sticker option
  • Click more icon
  • Select the sticker pack from the sticker store

Alternatively, select on the sticker pack mentioned above and tap to redirect on WhatsApp sticker store, download, and add them.

Note: WhatsApp user, if you don’t found these sticker packs in the Sticker Store then need to worry, it will available for you within 30 minutes.


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Turn image into stickers, check this new WhatsApp Desktop feature



WhatsApp Image Stickers

After rolling out the new archive chats feature for WhatsApp Desktop, it’s bringing one more interesting option for the users. This new feature is related to images and stickers.

While on this subject, WhatsApp has many stickers and it continues to provide in accordance with the current trends. As for the images, the app already has basic features such as crop, text writing, and attaching stickers for basic editing.

Although the new feature relates both images and stickers, it has some twists. Users can convert their images and send them as stickers on WhatsApp Desktop. Now, you can modify your own sticker on WhatsApp.

Before discussing the feature, let check its preview-


Send Image as stickers WhatsApp Desktop     (Turn Image as Stickers in WhatsApp, WABetaInfo)

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As you can see, WhatsApp will add a new button in the typing section, which is beside the media view once option. It’ll let you turn your image into stickers so you can share it with your friends for a lively conversation. After selecting the image, you just have to tap on this option and it will be sent as a sticker in your conversation.

Furthermore, it’ll also notify you if follow the wrong or right method. It means, after sending the image sticker, a WhatsApp note will be flashed on the display confirming the successful sent. You can check the preview below-

(Image Credits: WABetaInfo)



This feature isn’t ready for rollout, so the available information is still limited. There is still more to explore such as if WhatsApp will store the converted stickers or will they be reusable or not etc. It’ll soon release with the future rollout for the WhatsApp Desktop, until then stay tuned with us.

Previous Feature:

WhatsApp starts releasing the Business Directory feature for some specific regions. It’ll let users search nearby services such as cafes, stores, floriculturists, clothing markets, restaurants, and showrooms, etc. To date, it’s only rolling out Sao Paulo city of Brazil but will expand more other cities soon.

(Source- WABetaInfo)

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WhatsApp Business Directory available for Android users



WhatsApp Business Directory

According to the latest tweet from WhatsApp head Will Cathcart, the inside business directory has been started to rollout for the users. Now, they don’t have to seek other third-party apps to contact neighborhood businesses, as WhatsApp will provide this service from now on.

In July this year, WhatsApp has announced to bring a new feature for the business account holders. It’ll let users find nearby businesses such as cafes, shops, florists, clothing stores, showrooms without searching outside the app. Furthermore, users contact the owners without encroaching on their privacy.

Besides, it’s an optional feature if you don’t want to be visible by others you can disable it. However, this will bring more convenience and is a way to promote the business online. Adding to this, it’s a free-to-join feature, you need not pay anyone.

Below you can check the image preview-


WhatsApp Business Directory(WhatsApp Business Directory Images from WABetaInfo)

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As you can see in the image, after opening your account, click on the contact list, and you can see this new feature called- Businesses nearby. To use this feature there are few things that need to be remembered.

  • Keep your WhatsApp on the most recent app version
  • Add all the necessary info in business details like Services, Address, Contact, etc
  • Make the Profile Picture visible for everyone, don’t change the setting after it
  • Must obtain your business license for a convenient management

Note: If you ever change the profile picture setting, you will be notified to rejoin the business directory


WhatsApp has rolled out this service with WhatsApp beta for the Android version. Even if you are on the same version, it’s possible that you haven’t received this feature yet.

At present, there are only selected users who getting this update. The rollout process has been started from the Sao Paulo city of Brazil, more cities and regions will soon join this belt. We’ll bring further information, until then stay connected with us.


(Source: WABetaInfo)

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WhatsApp wants users to install linked device updates



WhatsApp Linked Device Update

WhatsApp is rolling out a bunch of updates to enhance its existing features and giving users more options. Meanwhile, there are several features and layouts that are in the development phase and may come with future updates.

In this line, WhatsApp has recently allowed users to join the multi-device beta development program for Android and iOS. WhatsApp account holders using the stable version of multi-device beta are eligible to join this activity.

We know, most users don’t want any interruption while operating any feature. On the other hand, although beta updates come with new features, there is also a possibility to bring obstruction. It leads the user to avoid taking part in beta ventures.

Thus, WhatsApp has been left with no choice but to force users for updating the multi-device version. It seems WhatsApp will make it mandatory to install the latest update else users won’t be able to access the feature.


Below you can check the preview that might appear in future updates-

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(WhatsApp linked device update preview, Image form WABetaInfo)

Why should Users Install the Update: 

The new update will have a more enhanced version in terms of features and privacy concerns. After installing the update, users will be able to link four devices to WhatsApp Web/ Desktop with a smartphone.


It means five devices can simultaneously manage a single account. Besides, users won’t need to keep the smartphone connected to the internet while operating on the WhatsApp account on a linked device.

When users will get it:

There is still more time in the availability of this update, developers are still working on it. WhatsApp will soon announce its rollout scheduled for the new update for the inked devices. Users are recommended to update on the new version as soon they’ll receive the update notification.

Previous Update: 

WhatsApp is bringing default disappearing messages timer, which will let users set all chats on disappearing mode at once. The users can manually disable this function otherwise the future individual chats will be directly set on this mode. However, the WhatsApp team is still developing this function, so isn’t roll out for the users yet.

(Source- WABetaInfo)

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