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WhatsApp bringing more options in privacy settings



New WhatsApp Privacy Settings

WhatsApp is working to bring more options for the account privacy settings. It’ll give you additional control over who you want to allow to see your account information. With this new option, you can individually select the contacts that will be able to see your WhatsApp activities, rather than selecting in a bulk.

Let’s first talk about privacy settings. WhatsApp privacy setting allows you to set restrictions on last seen, profile photo, about, status, and live locations. Furthermore, a user can also decide who will add him/her to other WhatsApp groups. Moving ahead, WhatsApp provides you three options for last seen, profile photo, and About that include

  • Everyone
  • My Contacts
  • Nobody.

It’s a set of visible information, granted by an account holder for other users. If a holder sets as everyone his profile photo, last seen and about can be seen by anyone who is on WhatsApp. The same goes with My Contacts and Nobody. However, if a users set Nobody for last seen, the user will not be able to see other’s last seen either. Over these three options, WhatsApp will provide one more option for these privacy settings soon.

Before discussing it, let’s check the preview first-

WhatsApp iOS Privacy Settings

(New WhatsApp Privacy Settings, images from WABetaInfo)


New WhatsApp Privacy Settings:

As you see in the image, besides the three available features, a new “My contact Except” is also appears. It’ll let you exclude the individuals from your contact list whom you don’t want to let know about your activities. It’s the same feature as we use in the privacy setting for WhatsApp Status and Groups.

Observing the image, it seems to work as previously. If a user doesn’t share his last seen with others, he also won’t be able to know other’s last seen. To be mentioned, this screenshot is taken from WhatsApp privacy settings on iOS suggesting that it will come for the iOS users first.


This feature is under development for further changes. It’s planned to release with future updates as it isn’t available for the beta testers yet. At present, you can use the rest three feature on both platforms.

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Where to find Privacy Settings:

  • Open your WhatsApp Account
  • Select the WhatsApp Setting  
  • Click on the Account Settings
  • You can find the first option as Privacy 

More about WhatsApp:

Furthermore, WhatsApp is redesigning the Chat bubbles for iOS users. The new chat bubbles will be more rounder and bigger than the users are using currently. However, the WhatsApp team is still developing it and could release it with more enhancements. We’ll provide you more updates on this matter, until then stay connected with us.

(Source: WABetaInfo)

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WhatsApp is now more secure and exciting with these new features



WhatsApp new exciting features

WhatsApp brings a package of new exciting features for Android, iOS, and Desktop users. Here you will get a descriptive intro of all the new changes that boost your experience with the thrilling elements of the app.

WhatsApp is maintaining the functionalities of Android, iOS, and Desktop by releasing features in all segments. Below you can check some new features that WhatsApp recently added to make your chats secure and exciting

New features 

Camera Shortcut:

  • On Android, the camera shortcut is back, and the iOS beta now has it enabled for the first time. Users are notified if they have already established a community and can no longer access the camera through the previous entry point. If it is not visible, it implies your WhatsApp account needs to wait for a future update until it is available.

New Avatar:

  • You can finally share your own stickers that accurately reflect who you are with your chats and groups thanks to WhatsApp, which will automatically develop your own sticker pack based on the set avatar under WhatsApp Settings.

Voice Status updates:

  • This feature let you upload your recorded voice note on your WhatsApp status. You can also choose a background color for the voice note and it shows up in the messages bubble.

WhatsApp new exciting features

New Sticker pack ‘Giannis & Family:

  • This is an animated sticker pack to be released for all users created by Mario, Nomso, and STATE Design.


  • Participants in the group will be able to share polls with the other group members using this function, which allows for the addition of around 12 alternatives. At the moment, only Android users can use this feature.

Do not disturb API  – Missed calls:

  • Do not disturb is enabled when a call is missed, and this event is automatically added to the conversation as well as soon after in the call history screen.

Document Caption:

  • Before sharing a document, we will be allowed to attach a caption to it so that we may give it a brief description.


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WhatsApp added 7 new features to make chat more efficient



WhatsApp new features

WhatsApp application is one of the most likely and vastly used among the users on all three major platforms including Android, iOS, and Desktop. And it is now time to experience the most in-demand features since the company has recently added some new features to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is constantly adding features for a better user experience and ease to handle. Below you can check some new features for the users that make your chats more efficient.

Following are the 7 features that WhatsApp has added for you:

WhatsApp ability to undo ‘Delete for me’:

  • With the help of this feature, you can retrieve messages deleted by mistake when you use ‘delete for me. Now you have a few seconds to use ‘undo’ so the deleted message is back. Notably, this feature is currently for iOS users only and may soon expand to Android and Desktop users too.

WhatsApp Create polls:

  • With the help of this feature, group participants will be able to share polls with other members of the group, approx 12 options can be added. This feature is specific to Android users currently.

WhatsApp new features

Who can see you’re online status:

  • This feature will help you to manage who can see you are online, as per the new privacy setting for Android users, you can now stealth mode by deleting the string ‘online’.

WhatsApp ability to import backup:

  • With the help of this feature, you can now import recent chats and media. This import backup feature will surely help you make a backup to your crucial and important chats and media.

Edit sent a message:

  • Just like Telegram, you can use the feature of editing the sent text in WhatsApp. This will help to edit the mistyped message for the Desktop users.

WhatsApp Call countdown feature:

  • WhatsApp is now placing the call, it would be annoying to wait for 3 seconds in order to place the calls. You can immediately place the call when you placed it by mistake without notifying the recipient.


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WhatsApp to add account login approval feature



WhatsApp login approval feature

WhatsApp is a free chatting application that uses your phone’s data, and it gains around 2 billion users worldwide. Also, it has approx 5 billion installs from Google Play. The company isn’t stopping its services and testing a new feature for the users likewise, we come up with a new login approval feature info for Android users.

Yes! WhatsApp is currently working to bring a new feature to its billions of users worldwide, aiming to maintain and improve security for the users to provide extra safety to their personal data.

As per our respected source, WhatsApp roll out a new beta update that brings a new login approval feature for Android users. By this, you can receive in-app alerts when someone else is trying to log into their accounts.

The recent update for Android users can be known through the build version.


WhatsApp login approval feature

What is new Login Approval feature for WhatsApp:

If someone tries to access their account due to an incorrect sharing of their 6-digit code, they will finally be able to refuse the login attempt. Because owner acceptance is now a must when someone requests to log in to your WhatsApp account.

This specific security warning also provides some more helpful information, such as the time and information about the other phone, likely the device model.

The arrival of this new feature is not yet scheduled by the company but stay tuned with us to get more and the latest info about WhatsApp.

WhatsApp popularity:


WhatsApp is the most popular application gaining 2 billion active users worldwide, without spending anything on advertisements. Well, the above-mentioned users include only the smartphone and PC, as WhatsApp is not supported on the iPod and iPads. Alongside, WhatsApp is listed in the top 3 Android applications on the globe.

(Source: WabetaInfo )

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