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What’s your excitement level after Huawei EMUI 13 features showcase



emui 13 exciting

Recently, Huawei listed all of the EMUI 13 features and the excitement among Huawei phone users is overwhelming. Yeah, it’s a matter of joy and EMUI 13 is the one that you are looking forward to including us.

Currently, Huawei remains locked for secrecy but we need to wait a little more to know more about the official rollout schedule.

EMUI 13 comes with new user interface improvements and software enhancements that take your user experience near HarmonyOS 3 and blend it. The adaptation of swipe-up icons is something that increases device interaction in a whole new way.

On the other hand, the introduction of widgets to the global Huawei smartphone users will start with EMUI 13. Yes, this new EMUI version is ready to bring service widgets, which are also a core part of the HarmonyOS ecosystem.

There have been slight improvements made to the system user interface and elements such as the control panel, settings, and performance of the software.

The home screen is an essential part of any mobile software but EMUI 13 knows how to keep it clean at its best. It will bring new smart folders that you could resize into different layouts and it helps you to manage the home screen apps.

Besides, you can now also manage widgets with features such as widget stacking and widget groups to further keep up the cleaning enthusiasm.

After its initial launch with HarmonyOS 2, Huawei is finally launching Super Device for global users with EMUI 13, which is really exciting. As Super Device showcases how EMUI works and connects with other devices to give you a true super-connected user experience.

Multi-screen collaboration has also received wings and it’s better than ever, so you can share files and project mobile screens more efficiently.

Furthermore, there is a new avatar in the security and privacy section, while features such as image privacy are not even launched by Google or iOS for Android and iOS respectively.

The EMUI 13 excitement is in the air and what about you? Are you excited about the new features? Let us know below.

Amy is our firmware and software specialist, she keeps her eagle eyes open for new software rollouts, beta programs, and other software related activities as well as new smartphone launch.