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What version of EMUI are you using? EMUI 9.0 or 9.1 or EMUI 8.0



We all know what’s going on currently between the US and Huawei. Let’s take a break and get back to our previous hot topic – EMUI update.

I am sure you are concerned about the future software update for your device. Well, I am too.

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We can’t hide our feelings – because everyone knows about the Huawei’s “unreliable” software update methods. You can not expect it to be better in the future as well (because of the on-going situations).

Me, individually (as a global user of Huawei smartphone), disappointed with the Chinese company behavior. If you are reading this in China, you should count yourself as a “Blessed” owner.

I need to stop whining about the software update program. What about you? Which version of EMUI are you using? Is it EMUI 9.0 or is it EMUI 9.1? Or worse, still waiting for any of them.

Don’t forget to drop your comments – you can share your pain with me. A big LOL.