Weekly Check: Are you facing severe battery draining after upgrading to EMUI 10.1

Huawei Smart Charging Mode

Last week, we reported about the issues of battery drain that occurred after upgrading to EMUI 10.1. Soon after we published our article, we again received dozens of emails on this matter.

Every single person in emails mentioned that they’re facing a severe change in battery consumption after upgrading to EMUI 10.1. While searching, we found that this could be the result of an un-optimized software rollout but there’s no such official confirmation.

Currently, there’s no exact reason described by Huawei about this sudden battery drop. However, now it appears that a vast number of users are facing such a battery problem and we need to wait for an update that can solve it.

As the article says, we would like to know if you have got a similar problem after upgrading to EMUI 10.1 on your device?

Let us and other readers know about the issue in the comments.

Huawei Smart Charging Mode






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