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UOS could support HarmonyOS hap app format



Tongxin UOS HarmonyOS app

Tongxin UOS (Unity Operating System) is a self-developed Linux-based operating system. So far, the software structure was supporting the major operations of Linux, wine, Android, and other browser extensions. But it looks like, Tongxin UOS could now support the Huawei HarmonyOS app.

As per the latest information, the UOS developer account has found supporting one of the hap (HarmonyOS Ability Package) package formats, which might be a HarmonyOS app. Further, the information also suggests that the mentioned HarmonyOS app could be running on the open-source OpenHarmony system.

Tongxin has already gained the eligibility certification of the OpenHarmony. On the side hand, it also made the statement that it is looking forward to an atomic self-contained app format. Hence, there are high chances that Tongxin UOS could bring support to the HarmonyOS app.

Tongxin UOS HarmonyOS app

What is HAP Format?

The official website of Huawei clearly explains the HAP format. It states that the HarmonyOS user application appears in the form of App Packages. These packages hold one or more HAPs formats that define the traits and characteristics of each HAP.

Generally, HAP serves as a replacement package of Ability around which, the code of the HarmonyOS application revolves. By the end of the development procedure, the app format in the HarmonyOS system appears in the form of HAP details.

Tongxin UOS HarmonyOS app

With the outbreak of this year, Tongxin firmware reported its merger with the Open Atomic Open Source Foundation so that it can actively contribute to OpenHarmony-based projects. Later in June, the intelligent terminal operating system V20 of Tongxin fruitfully cleared the compatibility test for OpenHarmony.

The V20 system is mainly built for tablets, computers, handheld terminals, smart terminals, wearable devices, self-service gadgets, and more. Thereafter, it comprises several domestic processors and a complete adaptation ecosystem for desktop-like gadgets.

Though, things regarding the new hap package are not clear. But we will keep updating you on this aspect.

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