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United Power released OpenHarmony based “FengHong” centralized control system



United power FengHong OpenHarmony

National Energy GroupUnited Power Technology AKA United Power has recently released the “FengHong” centralized control system based on the OpenHarmony industrial operating system. Alongside this, the company also launched new energy storage products.

According to the information, the United Power FengHong centralized control system was jointly developed by United Power and Group Information Company. It is a new energy centralized control system based on the open-source HarmonyOS OpenHarmony industrial operating system.

The Centralized energy regulation breaks down data barriers, assisting in the creation of “one zone”, a centralized control” group in the company’s new energy sector, and improving the management and control level of “integrated operation” of wind power.

By adopting mature, reliable, and highly intelligent new energy smart operation solutions and open-source HarmonyOS OpenHarmony industrial distribution operating system as the technical base, this group supports the creation of “one zone, one centralized control” for the company’s new energy.

The company feels “unmanned” duty, few people on duty”, centralized monitoring, intelligent operation, and maintenance”, improving the quality and availability of data entering the lake, and the group company’s new energy sector To promote high-quality development of the digital economy in the new energy sector.

On the other hand, the new energy storage products were strategically cooperated by United Power and Ningde Times. The Ningde Times is a leading enterprise in the energy storage industry to form self-controllable new energy storage core technologies and products.

On January 28, it successfully developed Zhangjiakou Kangbao Wind Farm connected to the grid to escort the green energy security of the Beijing Winter Olympics, and Winter Paralympics 2022.

In order to support the high-quality and rapid development of the group company’s new energy sector, United Power has made every effort to accelerate the iterative pace of product development, optimize the 3-4MW product line lineage, launch new models, etc. Possible tried.

It releases a 5-7 MW product line and 7.X MW-195 marine and land two models are at the forefront of the industry, and research and development of 8-10 MW model products have comprehensively improved the product’s market competitiveness.

United Power has carried out the research and application of wind-solar-storage integration technology under the new power system, and independently developed energy storage EMS energy management system and PCS converter booster cabin.

The first rooftop “photovoltaic + energy storage” project and the centralized “wind power + energy storage” project was put into operation in Yixing and Qangbao respectively, achieving 0 to 1 comprehensive energy success.

United Power independently researches and develops the energy matrix system of localized SCADA systems and software and hardware with new features such as one-key deployment and edge intelligence. Strives to create a new energy digital intelligent operation and maintenance system with emergency monitoring and control, and a high degree of information exchange, data sharing, and business integration of new power stations.

Relying on more than 14,000 units of operation and maintenance service experience, United Power independently invented and developed an intelligent ecological platform for wind farms that meets the needs of localization and a standardized service system.

Including core business like installation, commissioning. operation and maintenance, and technical consulting. Lowe’s, TUV and GWO certification have created a complete life cycle one-stop operation and maintenance solution.

Through high-quality after-service projects such as increased power generation, safety upgrades, and replacement of small to large, more value is created for customers, and the group company’s new energy sector improves quality and efficiency.

Further, the United Power strengthens exchanges and cooperation with other countries in green technology, green equipment, green services, building green infrastructure, etc. Siemens Gamesa 11MW 200DD offshore wind power platform joins forces to introduce technology, and achieve win-win cooperation.

To promote the “Belt and Road Initiative”, the 245MW wind power project in DEA, South Africa, uses customized units all independently developed by United Power, operating stably for more than 1,500 days.

(Source: ithome)

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