UK’s prime minister set to allow Huawei access to 5G network

The Prime Minister of the UK, Boris Johnson is preparing to allow Huawei’s participation to Britain’s 5G network development.

Senior sources in Whitehall and the security services say the government is moving towards a decision that will see Huawei allowed access to the “non-contentious” parts of the network — a move that would put the UK on collision course with America, which has banned Huawei over fears that it is to close to Chinese intelligence agencies, reported The Sunday Times.

Earlier this year, UK’s former Prime Minister, Theresa May has allowed Huawei to take part in non-core parts of the 5G infrastructure development but still not taken the final call on this matter.

One source near the top of government said: “There have been further meetings about Huawei in recent days and the view that is forming is the same as the Theresa May view of the world”.

Later on, US President Donald Trump urged the UK to close its grounds for Huawei and ban its work in progress but it didn’t work

Meanwhile, the UK’s Mobile carriers have already launched 5G network services using Huawei’s equipment gears and this new news is also a good sign for Huawei in its business.

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