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UK to decide Huawei role in 5G this week



The Prime Ministers Boris Johnson is expected to allow Huawei in UK’s 5G fracture on Tuesday, says a report.

People related to the matter told FT that a final decision on Huawei’s future role in the UK will be taken at the National Security Council on Tuesday. However, no final decisions had been taken, but government officials admit that ministers’ options are limited.

The UK government is under intense pressure from the US including President Donald Trump who alleges that Huawei poses a security risk and could undermine UK-US intelligence sharing.

Head of MI5, Andrew Parker, and the GCHQ, have advised officials that any security risks can be handled, setting Huawei’s role is limited to “non-core” parts of British mobile network.

The US keeps lobbying the UK to ban Huawei from 5G. On the other hand, Boris Johnson repeatedly asked the US of alternative of the Chinese tech giant.

To make a final call, the NSC will be asked to consider two options: Total ban on Huawei or allowing Huawei into the non-core parts of the 5G infrastructure development.

For your information, Non-core equipment refers to the antennas and base stations installed on rooftops, which are considered less vulnerable than core servers and systems where customers’ information is processed.

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