This could be the price tag of Huawei Mate X in China

The reinvented foldable phone – Huawei Mate X is scheduled to be launched on October 23 in China and today we’ve got some early price expectation of this 5G device.

According to the information, Huawei Mate X will be available in two variants. The base variant will be available at 9,999 yuan (1414 USD, 1265 euros) and the high spec variant is priced at 13,999 yuan (1975 USD, 1772 euro).

Compared to the European version, priced at 2299 euro (18,160 yuan), the Chinese prices are very cheap. However, we’ve to wait two more days to confirm these prices.

The Mate X sports a foldable OLED display that measures 8-inches while unfolded and during the fold, the display parts 6.6 inches for the front side, 6.38 inches for the backside.

Huawei Mate X will come in two different SoC’s, the first batch will be equipped with Kirin 980 + Balong 5000 and the second batch will be powered by Kirin 990 (5G).




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