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Tencent QQ Music supports Huawei HarmonyOS following NetEase



Huawei HarmonyOS QQ Music

Tencent QQ Music has become another music streaming app to support Huawei HarmonyOS cross-platform after NetEase. In addition, the music app will be installed as the widget feature so that users can access it with one click.

For your information, the service center in HarmonyOS devices can be installed after scrolling upwards from the screen’s bottom. It means users with the HarmonyOS 2.0 system software can find QQ Music in the online section of respective Huawei devices.

It will allow users to stream their favorite tracks whenever they want. Furthermore, with the HarmonyOS cross-platform support, the audio from the QQ Music can be streamed through other Huawei devices such as Bluetooth speakers.

Alongside the seamless music listening experience, users will be able to switch between devices, cast multi-screening and enjoy the AI suggestions of Celia. The overall experience for QQ Music users has been enhanced in various aspects.

Huawei HarmonyOS QQ Music

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About QQ Music:

QQ Music is a joint venture between Tencent Music Group and Spotify that offers online music, online audio, online karaoke, and such services. In integration with millions of tracks on QQ Music has an enriching collection no matter listeners are working out, playing, or relaxing.

The QQ Music focuses on popular artists and top mainstream hits for music fans in Mainland. It provides a platform for both initial and exclusive releases that makes it even more popular among the youngsters.

Apart from all this, it’s also reported that more than 60 million new devices have been added to the HarmonyOS Connect platform within 2021. Adding to this, over 80 million smart wearables have been shipped in the global market.

The Chinese tech firm continues to enlarge its HarmonyOS software areas and add more devices to this ecology. At present, it has more than 320 million users across the globe with 83 million monthly active users for the applications built by the company.

(Source: Ithome)

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