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TCL launches new quad curved display, better than Huawei?



Huawei TCL new technologies

TCL Huaxing has initiated a handful of new quad curved technologies regarding the display aspect of a device, but are they sound better than Huawei? Let’s find it out. There are two major new technologies that TCL released against Huawei. The first one is the waterfall screen hyperbolic, and equal gauss quad-curved surface technology.

Here is what each technology offers to the device:

Waterfall screen hyperbolic technology

In comparison to the old straight screen panels of the handset, the latest display board forms a 90°curvature bending through the OLED panel. As a result, it would be able to cover the center frame of the device. Thus, users might get relieved of the restrictions over horizontal subjects.

Besides, TCL could bring the bilateral curvature of the screen from 60-degree to 80-degree. Hence, it will lessen the limitations that bound the visual and sensory elements of the device from the right and left margins. On the flip side, users will be able to grab a more magnificent as well as a keen look at the front view on the smartphone.

Huawei TCL new technologies

The 88° waterfall screen has accomplished in March 2022. After multiple experiments and processes, finally, the company attained its first-ever WQHD LTPO+ 88° waterfall display panel. This panel exhibits a high resolution of 1440 x 3200 pixels.

Quad-Curved Surface Technology

The company has uprooted this technology over the hyperboloid procedure. However, the quad curved surface has gained the benefit of a higher appearance, extraordinary visuals, as well as excellent hand experience, when compared to hyperboloid.

Huawei TCL new technologies

Moreover, it achieved a strengthen visual experience and impact. Besides, the curve design is quite convenient to hold and further brings improvements to the cross-display structures for the large screens. Instead of a round-cornered surface, the company has given a spherical-cornered design.


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