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Stadia: Another big Google product failed and shutting down



Google shut down stadia

Google has now made a public announcement to end the gaming service Stadia entirely. Although Stadia was a massive cloud gaming service but failed. It hasn’t garnered user traction that Google was not able to attract an expected number of users.

However, Google is at least making an effort to set things right by issuing refunds on all Stadia hardware that was purchased through the Google Store, even though the stadia services failed news will undoubtedly have a significant negative impact on Stadia supporters.

Through January 18, 2023, players will have access to their game collection and be able to play so they can finish their final play sessions. By mid-January 2023, the majority of refunds ought to be finished.

To be noted, The Google+, Orkut, and Google Allo apps are the services that had faced the same situation as Stadia now.

Google shut down stadia

The Google+:

After Google Buzz, Google Friend Connect, and Orkut, Google+ was the company’s fourth effort into social networks. In order to compete with websites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tumblr, it took the position of Google Buzz in 2011.

But further Google shut it down due to insecure users’ data the hackers and this makes it not survive for long on social media.


This application debuted just two weeks before Facebook, it allows users to meet their old friends. Orkut’s user base decreased as a result of the increase in fake accounts, duplicate profiles, and hate groups. and in 2014 Google announced to shut it down.

Google Allo:

It is supported for both Android and iOS devices users to make instant messages. It’s just like the WhatsApp application, if you have the contact number of your friend then your can exchange messages, voice note files, images, and more using the app.

And Its AL-powered feature makes it popular among users. However, a glitch in the assistant in 2017 led to the voice assistant sharing search results from a user’s discussion and this made Allo shut down in 2018.


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