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Stable HarmonyOS 4.2 update is up for these 7 Huawei phones



Stable HarmonyOS 4.2 7 Huawei phones

Stable HarmonyOS 4.2 update is finally making its way to 7 mid-range Huawei phones. The list includes a few Nova handsets and the Enjoy series users who have been eagerly waiting for the newest software upgrade and its features.

HarmonyOS 4.2 appears as an appetizer before the major HarmonyOS NEXT meal. It contains some significant features and improvements that would make your device compatible with the upcoming software version and its changes.

Hence you should upgrade to the 4.2 version as soon as it reaches your handset. After several flagship models, Huawei is rolling out the stable HarmonyOS 4.2 update to 7 mid-range phones with the build and an 8GB package size.

Compared to top devices, the HarmonyOS 4.2 changelog might differ for the mid-range lineups. Although there won’t be any compromise in the software experience. You can check the device list and the entire changelog below.

Stable HarmonyOS 4.2 Update: Devices

  • Huawei Nova 11 SE
  • Huawei Nova 10 SE
  • Huawei Nova 10 Youth Edition
  • Huawei Nova 9 SE
  • Huawei Enjoy 60 Pro
  • Huawei Enjoy 60X
  • Huawei Enjoy 50 Pro
Stable HarmonyOS 4.2 7 Huawei phones

HarmonyOS 4.2 stable update is rolling out for 7 Huawei phones (Image Credits: Huawei/X)

Stable HarmonyOS 4.2 Update: Changelog


  • Introduced a new geometry party theme that lets you select distinct triangular shapes to create a group thus, begins the party by following the click gestures to scroll above or below the lock screen.
  • Added a new geometric sticker theme which can pile up different triangular shapes or colorful stickers, creating a personalized theme. Moreover, users can interact with these stickers with click gestures on the lock screen.
  • Added a new mood fun theme where you can choose from various cute expressions freely as well as combine them to form an enriched theme via several layout methods.
  • Added a new mood sticker theme which uses a rich collection of popular emoticons and 1500+ mood emoticons to form an ever-changing interactive theme hence, making the lock screen more fun.

User Interface

  • Celia suggestions widgets can be stacked for display to improve the user experience.
  • Polishes the operation details of more scenarios to make visual effects, prompts, etc. more refined and accurate.


  • Improve the user experience in various scenarios such as application startup, task switching, sliding, interrupting animations, etc., giving you a smoother and smoother operating feel.
  • Added a new WLAN network automatic connection tab, which can individually control whether to auto-connect to previously connected WLAN networks.


  • Integrates a device-cloud cooperation mechanism to achieve more accurate and faster control of malicious apps.
  • Added an anti-false alarm feature to smartly identify viruses and risky applications, making HarmonyOS more pure and secure.
  • Blocks in-app ads (pop-up ads when the phone is shaken) by preventing apps from obtaining the device orientation. (Settings > Privacy > Permission Manager > Device Orientation).
  • Better control on notification sending permissions for new third-party apps.


  • Upgraded the ‘Huawei Reading’ service. Based on HarmonyOS features, it provides you with a high-quality reading experience such as millions of good books, AI emotional reading, and cross-device circulation.

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