Semiconductor tester says Huawei blacklisting hurting business with customers

Due to the US blacklisting, Huawei cannot place any new orders to U.S. tech firms and as one of the top purchaser’s semiconductor, the restrictions are not only hurting Huawei but it’s also brought loss to its business partners.

Cambodian telecom tests 5G network with Huawei

According to Reuters, Semiconductor testing company, Cohu inc, said on Monday that the U.S. restriction on Huawei is hurting its customers’ business.

Back in May, the US commerce department added Huawei in the backlist that bars the company from doing business with the American firms including for both hardware and software technologies.

Moreover, US president Donald Trump urging allies countries to abandon Huawei from 5G network development because it can use the equipment to spy on users. As these allegations are repeatedly denied by the company.




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