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Runhe Software launched China’s first Loongson + OpenHarmony education kit



runhe software Loongson OpenHarmony

Runhe Software recently launched the first domestically produced “Loongson OpenHarmony series” for an educational kit for Chinese chip instruction sets and operating system.

Runhe signed a strategic agreement with Loongson, and both of these parties will jointly adopt the OpenHarmony operating system based on the Loongson chip platform.

It also includes a jointly develop series of Loongson + OpenHarmony, hardware + software releases based on their respective platform technology and resource advantages.

Back in April, Loongson and Runhe jointly announced that OpenHarmony and LoongArch SIG are working together with a number of technology companies to promote the adaptation of Dragon architecture chips to the OpenHarmony operating system.

This joint venture will work on the development of the OpenHarmony ecosystem based on the Dragon architecture platform.

runhe software Loongson OpenHarmony

Loongson and Runhe Software also confirmed that the Loongson 2K0500 development board has completed the OpenHarmony operating system adaptation verification. Meanwhile, the LoongArch dragon architecture platform has been tested with OpenHarmony.

This also marks a pure Chinese chip architecture and an operating system for the maximum use cases.

(via – ithome)

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