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Rumor says Huawei 5nm chip small-scale production already started



Huawei 5nm chip small-scale production

A new rumor is appearing on internet saying that the Huawei 5nm chip might have started small-scale production. It implies that the company is seeing gradual progress in its new chip development and the exact results could show up later this year.

X tipster @jasonwill101 states that the Huawei 5nm chip completed the tape-out process. This is said to be the final stage in the design phase of chip manufacturing.

Tape-out process generally includes finalizing of design. A firm creates a file with the chip’s layout description and sends it to the foundry to begin the chipset production.

As per the latest rumor, Huawei has successfully achieved the tape-out process for its alleged 5nm chip, and small-scale production of this processor could be in progress. Although the statement contradicts what the tech giant has said earlier.

At a recently held conference, Huawei executive director Zhang Pingan said that the company is currently focusing on resolving the 7nm chip issues. There are no plans for 3nm and 5nm processors for the moment as China lacks advanced equipment.

Huawei 5nm chip small-scale production

Huawei 5nm chip small-scale production already in progress, says a rumor (Image Credits: JasonWill/X)

Zhang mentioned that the U.S. sanction is a major reason why Huawei is running behind in chip production race compared to rivals. Pricing is another factor, which tends to be 50% more expensive under SMIC than TSMC with the same chip-making tools.

Rumors so far…

It’s not the first time that the Huawei 5nm chip development surfaced online. An early report said that SMIC has laid new chip manufacturing lines in Shanghai to initiate the mass production of Huawei’s new and powerful processors.

The chipmaker again appeared in rumors to make the 5nm process tech without requiring any advanced equipment. However, neither Huawei nor SMIC has confirmed any news so far. Thus let’s take the latest rumor with a grain of salt.

Despite chip-making challenges and U.S. export trade controls, Huawei is looking forward to gradual growth in semiconductor development. If not now, the progress of Huawei’s 5nm chip could be visible in the time ahead.

Huawei 5nm chip small-scale production

Huawei HiSilicon chip (Image Credits: HiSilicon)

(Source – JasonWill/X)

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