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Rocket speed, HarmonyOS exceeds 330 Million users




Since its launch, the HarmonyOS operating system is making a rocket fast growth. As Huawei distributed the HarmonyOS among 330 million smartphone users, says the company.

By the end of 2022, HarmonyOS claimed the ladder with 330 million active installations on Huawei devices. The tech maker said that the operating system has evolved to deliver powerful new features and user-friendly experiences.

Unveiled last year, HarmonyOS 3 is the latest version. It further expands the capabilities of features such as super device, which is now available on 12 different types of devices. This includes smartphones, tablets, PCs, Huawei Vision products, earphones, smart watches, and head units, facilitating effortless cross-device interactions.

Aside from Huawei, the third-party ecosystem software, HarmonyOS Connect also made big progress. The data shows that HarmonyOS Connect has attracted over 2300 ecosystem partners. Meanwhile, it continues to add new partners in different categories.

In 2022 alone, over 181 million new devices in the HarmonyOS Connect ecosystem were shipped. It covers numerous types of smart home appliances and provides users with more convenient access to the digital world.

After its launch in 2019, Huawei donated the open-source HarmonyOS code to OpenAtom Foundation. The project library is called OpenHarmony. Since then, various companies are using this project to form their software.

OpenHarmony is a very active open-source project on Gitee, a code hosting, and collaborative development platform. At the end of 2022, OpenHarmony ranked first on the Gitee Index and had already attracted more than 5,000 community code contributors. In addition, 94 development boards and modules, 28 software distributions, and 102 commercial
devices had passed compatibility tests.



By the end of 2022, there were over two million HarmonyOS ecosystem developers. The thriving HarmonyOS ecosystem depends on a steady supply of trained software engineers.

For that, Huawei has worked with 208 universities in China, including the prestigious Tsinghua University, to offer HarmonyOS courses to more than 20,000 student developers.

Through its school-enterprise partnership programs, China’s Ministry of Education has supported 93 HarmonyOS ecosystem programs.

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