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PUBG Update 11.2: Brings new survivor pass system, Erangel map changes, bug fixes and much more



PUBG has released a new 11.2 Patch Notes, which is now available on the test servers. However, its official launch to the live server is scheduled for next week.

This patch brings a new survivor pass system, no longer linked in time and theme to the season, thus giving more options for content, duration, how many passes release every year, bug fixes, and more. The first in line is the Pajama Party Pass, which is expected to arrive on April 28.

Additionally, Erangel, the game’s original battleground is also receiving some map changes to both Military Island bridges. Also permits the player to set defense on the island and more.

Full Changelog:

Erangel map changes

Last year, the devs asked players which locations on Erangel could be improved, or changed to improve gameplay. After taking feedback into consideration, this update focuses on introducing changes to the main chokepoints between the Erangel mainland and Sosnovka island.

This rework brings structural changes to the bridges and includes the addition of new defendable positions. Catwalks underneath will help fend off attacks, including those from the water, and also double as a new avenue of attack to mount an assault on bridge campers.

  • The two bridges connecting Sosnovka Island and the Erangel mainland have had major changes, including additional cover and widening of the bridges
  • Catwalks have been added, providing additional avenues to both defend and attack from
  • The dump truck has been repositioned
  • 4th Anniversary Graffiti Contest graffiti has been removed

Survivor Pass: Pajama Party

The Pajama Party pass kicks off the devs’ new way of releasing passes, which are no longer linked “in time” and “theme” to the season. This gives the devs more options for content, duration, and how many passes release per year.

Survivor Pass: Pajama Party can be purchased within two different item packages

PAJAMA PARTY WEAPON PACK (990 G-Coin): Premium Pass and The Big Sleep – AUG weapon skin.

PAJAMA PARTY WEAPON AND LEVEL PACK (3270 G-Coin): Premium Pass and The Big Sleep – AUG weapon skin and Lv.30 coupon

Survivor Pass:

  • Pajama Party provides over 30 rewards as players progress through 50 levels: You can earn XPs by playing matches and completing missions. Additional levels can also be purchased with G-CoinSurvivor Pass: Pajama Party has the following mission type
  • Daily Missions, Weekly Missions, Challenge Missions

Survivor Pass: Pajama Party will begin on April 28 at 9 pm CT and end on June 9 at 9 pm CT: Claim your rewards before the pass ends, as there is no longer an additional grace period to claim rewards once the season ends

Gameplay and balance

Drive-by shooting balance adjustment

Several patches ago, the devs introduced quality of life changes to improve “stability” and “overall smoothness” of aiming while in vehicles. In this patch, the devs want to encourage vehicular combat, while also ensuring balance and allowing for “proper counter-play.”

  • In-vehicle recoil has been increased by 10 percent
  • This change does not apply to sidearms

Reputation system balance adjustment

The devs have looked closely at aspects of the reputation system which have “caused frustration” and made additional changes to prevent players from abusing the report mechanic, which had allowed players acting maliciously to lower another player’s reputation unfairly.

  • Spamming multiple reports through the replays system no longer unfairly impact the targeted player’s reputation level compared to regular reports
  • Set an upper limit to the amount of reputation loss per match to prevent misuse, especially in situations where multiple pre-made squad members report their random teammate

The devs have also made the following changes to speed up the process of improving your reputation with good behavior:

  • Increased the potential number of reputation points available for player’s with reputation level one or below Also increased available reputation points for players at reputation level four

SLR muzzle update

  • The Flash Hider model on the SLR has had major improvements to its visuals

Match history and match report improvements

Match history

1. Improved the overall page design and rearranged certain elements for better visibility:

  • Increased size of the map images
  • Improved icon design for Last 20 Match Stats details
  • View Report is now displayed only when hovering over each match entry
  • Your Placement Trend is now displayed as a line graph, rather than a bar graph to give a more clear picture of your results

2. Replaced Avg Kills with K/D Ratio

3. Added Assists to the list of recorded stats

  • Assists have also been added to Match Reports

Performance improvements

  • Improved client performance by disabling certain voice chat related features when voice chat is disabled
  • Improved client FPS stability through a reduction in hitches related to optimization work
  • Optimized CPU performance by adding additional multi-threaded rendering support
  • Optimized CPU performance through animation optimization.
  • Optimized some server and client performance pipelines to reduce both server and client hitches

Items and skins

Item tier adjustment

The devs have adjusted the tier of certain common, gray rarity items to improve consistency among similar item types. The adjusted items are now exchangeable for 60BP each.

End of sales announcement

The following items will be removed from the shop after maintenance on April 29.

  • Road Warrior – Helmet (Level 1)
  • [BATTLESTAT] Rip Tide – M16A4, P18C, Vector, SLR, Beryl, S12K, MP5K, QBZ, P92, SKS
  • [BATTLESTAT] Finish Line – G36C, Skorpion
  • [BATTLESTAT] Convergence – S686, UMP45
  • [BATTLESTAT] Bloody Snowday – SCAR-L
  • [BATTLESTAT] Danger Zone – Mk47 Mutant
  • [BATTLESTAT] Firestarter – QBU
  • [BATTLESTAT] Spartan – P1911

Animated PUBG ID nameplates

Nameplates: 500 G-Coin (Available April 28, 2021, to April 27, 2022)
Vikendi Birb
Hand Drawn Holdup
Dogs of War
Feline Fury
Retro Ride
Bark at the Moon

Nameplates Batch 2: 500 G-Coin (Upcoming, available May 19, 2021, to May 18, 2022 )
Two Smoking Barrels
The End

Animated Nameplate animations will be active on the following screens:
Career > Survival
User Profile
End-game screen – Opponent’s PUBG ID
Spectator – Spectating player’s PUBG ID
Death Cam – Killer’s PUBG ID

Animations are not active on the following screens:
Match Report > Survival, Overview
Team info in the in-game system menu

Sheepover G-Coin Value Pack: 1050 G-Coin (Available April 28 to June 9, 2021)

  • Sheepover Sleep Mask
  • Sheepover Pajama Top
  • Sheepover Pajama Shorts

Labor Day Sets (Available April 28 to June 9, 2021)

Streetwear Bundle (990 G-Coin)

  • Hipster Jean Jacket (700 G-Coin)
  • Hipster Skinny Jeans (350 G-Coin)
  • Hipster Canvas Shoes (150 G-Coin))

Coffee King Uniform Bundle (900 G-Coin)

  • Coffee King Hat (200 G-Coin)
  • Coffee King Apron (200 G-Coin)
  • Coffee King Leggings (700 G-Coin)

Sporty Bundle (1090 G-Coin)

  • Retro Track Jacket (700 G-Coin)
  • Her Galaxy Shirt (200 G-Coin)
  • Her Galaxy Shorts (350 G-Coin)
  • Soccer Cleats and Socks (Teal) (150 G-Coin)

Victory Dance 48 (500 G-Coin)

Victory Dance 49 (500 G-Coin)

New Worker’s Gloves

  • Worker’s Gloves (Yellow) (300 G-Coin)
  • Worker’s Gloves (White) (300 G-Coin)
  • Worker’s Gloves (Black) (300 G-Coin)

The Greatest Show on Erangel! Circus sets

Circus Star Bundle (1290 G-Coin)

  • Circus Star Uniform (1190 G-Coin)
  • Circus Star Shoes (200 G-Coin)
  • (Bonus) Circus Star Hair
  • (Bonus) Circus Star Makeup

Ringleader Bundle (1490 G-Coin)

  • Ringmaster’s Tophat (300 G-Coin)
  • Ringmaster’s Jacket (990 G-Coin)
  • Ringmaster’s Vest (300 G-Coin)
  • Ringmaster’s Pants (500 G-Coin)
  • Ringmaster’s Boots (200 G-Coin)

Sideshow Bear Costume Set (1290 G-Coin)

  • Sideshow Bear Mask (600 G-Coin)
  • Sideshow Bear Costume (800 G-Coin)
  • Sideshow Bear Feet (200 G-Coin)
  • (Bonus) Clawing Grizzly – Emote

Harlequin Helmet Pack (1000 G-Coin)

  • Harlequin – Helmet (Level 1) (500 G-Coin)
  • Harlequin – Helmet (Level 2) (500 G-Coin)
  • Harlequin – Helmet (Level 3) (500 G-Coin)

Harlequin Weapon Pack (1980 G-Coin)

  • Harlequin – AKM (990 G-Coin)
  • Harlequin – SLR (990 G-Coin)
  • Magic Bullet – Groza (990 G-Coin)

Bigtop Backpack Pack (1000 G-Coin)

  • Bigtop Backpack (Level 1) (500 G-Coin)
  • Bigtop Backpack (Level 2) (500 G-Coin)
  • Bigtop Backpack (Level 3) (500 G-Coin)

Victory Dance 50 (500 G-Coin)

EXPLORER Sets (Available May 26, 2021, to May 25, 2022)

Pathfinder Outfit Set (1190 G-Coin)

  • Pathfinder’s Uniform (700 G-Coin)
  • Pathfinder’s Skirt (700 G-Coin)
  • Pathfinder’s Shoes (150 G-Coin)

Survivors Biker Outfit Set (1190 G-Coin)

  • Survivors Biker – Helmet (Level 2) (300 G-Coin)
  • Survivors Biker Vest (700 G-Coin)
  • Survivors Biker Shirt (200 G-Coin)
  • Survivors Biker Jeans (350 G-Coin)
  • Survivor’s Biker Shoes (150 G-Coin)

Hiker’s Outfit Set (1190 G-Coin)

  • Hiker’s Neck Scarf (350 G-Coin)
  • Hiker’s Overshirt (700 G-Coin)
  • Hiker’s Shorts (350 G-Coin)
  • Hiker’s Shoes (150 G-Coin)
  • (bonus) Hiker’s Tanktop

“Range Shredder” Zima (990 G-Coin)

“Snake Hunter” BRDM (990 G-Coin)

Victory Dance 51 (500 G-Coin)

Victory Dance 52 (500 G-Coin)

Streamer’s Pack: MOZZ (Available May 5 to July 28, 2021)

MOZZ’s Pack (1340 G-Coin)

  • MOZZ’s Dress (1000 G-Coin)
  • MOZZ’s M24 (990 G-Coin)

Replay System

The replay system has been updated. Replay files from previous updates are now unable to be used.

Bug fixes

General fixes

  • Fixed an issue where regular players could make certain changes, or take certain administrative actions on other players custom games
  • Fixed an issue where raindrops formed on vehicles when located indoors with overcast weather settings
  • Fixed a graphical issue that caused awkward movement of your character’s left arm when equipping a weapon in slot two
  • Fixed an issue where bots firing a weapon would cause the sound to be played twice
  • Fixed an issue where vehicles could not drive through and properly destroy small fences (mainly on Erangel), allowing them to affect vehicle movement/positioning
  • Fixed an issue where Panzerfaust’s backblast was shorter than intended.
  • Fixed an aiming issue in FPP when a player aims in a certain direction in a passenger seat of the Pickup truck, causing a visual issue
  • Fixed the inaccurate shape of the Duckbill attachment
  • Fixed the issue where depleted Jammerpacks could be fully restored after using the Emergency Pickup feature
  • Fixed the issue where players could interact (looting items, opening doors, etc.) through an unbroken window
  • Fixed an issue with the Motorbike and Mirado sliding or shaking up and down


Fixed multiple world related bugs in Camp Jackal (Training Mode)


  • Fixed the error message displayed when sending a friend request to a bot
  • Fixed the issue where helmets and vests appear in a broken state on the inventory screen while their durability is still above zero
  • Fixed an incorrect system error message displayed when navigating to the Survival page

Skins and items

  • Fixed the clipping issue with other items when equipping the PGI.S Beast-Mode Mask item
  • Fixed a texture with the PGI.S COLOR SHIFT items when viewed on the Career – Weapons menu
  • Fixed the invisible texture displayed when equipping the Crash Test Handwraps item
  • Fixed the clipping issue which occurred when equipping both EVENING BLOOM DRESS BOX and Major Trouble Jacket (Green) items
  • Fixed the awkward loop animation for Victory dance 43

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