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Photoshop’s alternative ‘WuKong Image’ completes HarmonyOS NEXT adaptation



WuKong Image HarmonyOS NEXT

A Photoshop alternative named ‘WuKong Image’ has now entered the HarmonyOS NEXT lane. The application completed the adaptation to Huawei’s newest software system. It is now available on AppGallery with a range of exciting features.

During the HDC 2024, Huawei signed a cooperation agreement with Yixin Technology. Under this deal, both companies worked to develop the HarmonyOS NEXT-based WuKong Image version. It seems the work is completed and it’s time for results.

The inputs reveal that WoKong Image has adapted to the HarmonyOS NEXT. It is now available on the AppGallery and Huawei users can try exploring it on their devices.

WuKong Image HarmonyOS NEXT

Yixin Technology and Huawei signed cooperation agreement (Image Credits: ITHome)

As mentioned, WuKong Image is a Chinese application, an alternative to Photoshop. It has been developed by Yixin Technology and works as an independent image-processing software. It effectively supports all kinds of PS file formats.

The application is compatible with PC devices and runs efficiently on macOS, Windows, Kylin, Tongxin, as well as other operating systems. Users can also install it on smartphones running on the latest Android or iOS operating system.

WuKong Image features (Image Credits: ITHome)

Being an image processing app, WuKong Image enables users to edit or process images and form creative designs, as well as AI real-time painting or rendering.

Users can try out various image editing tools and modifying features in the WuKong Image app. One can also design or make images using text or cut-outs. The app also allows users to draw and make real-time images with the newest tools.

The application supports 5 billion pixel images alongside PSD and PDF formats. With the HarmonyOS NEXT-based app version, WuKong Image might become a perfect replacement for Photoshop in the time ahead.

WuKong Image HarmonyOS NEXT

WuKong Image features (Image Credits: ITHome)


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