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Participate in ‘Guess the Price’ contest and win new prize: Huawei South Africa



We are just a day away from the Huawei HarmonyOS Operating System and Full Scenario New Product launch conference. And here the company started to make the consumers more excited.

Yes! Huawei South Africa is bringing the “Guess the Price and Win the Prize” competition, the contestants may stand a chance to win the upcoming products.

The participant only has to guess the price of the product, of which, a clue is given below. The anticipated price must be accurate or closer to the actual price, so make sure to search thoroughly before giving your answer.

CLUE: This awesome product has a 1.47-inch AMOLED screen, it claims to be 148% bigger than its predecessor, and its battery-Life lasts for 2 Weeks

How to Participate:

  1. Leave your comment in Guess the Price thread
  2. The comment is valid only once, which means participant only has one chance in guessing the selling price on the Huawei Online Store of the Huawei Mystery Product
  3. The winners will be announced before June 3rd

 Competition Validity:

  • It will end on June 2nd

To be mentioned, Huawei will unveil the MatePad Pro 2, an improved M-Pencil, Huawei Watch 3 Series, a new Smart Screen TV, and other Huawei devices. (Read More)

Note- The participant must be a registered personal account holder on Huawei online stores.

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