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OpenHarmony 3.1 standard system based setup box launched



Jiulian Set-Top Box OpenHarmony 3.1

OpenHarmony open source project is constantly stretching their roots to more technical fields. The proof hides in the latest information that reveals the equipment of the OpenHarmony 3.1 standard system to the 9-connection set-top box of Jiulian Technology.

To those who are unaware, Guangdong Jiulian Technology is one of the top-listed sectors on the Science and Technology Innovation Board. The cooperation came into existence in November 2001. Over time, it has benefited the consumers with several multimedia as well as smart home network products.

In the recent development, Jiulian Technology has developed the 9-connection set-top box that uses the standard OpenHarmony 3.1 system. Aside, the product has also qualified for the OpenHarmony compatibility ranking and has been rewarded with the OpenHarmony ecological product compatibility certificate.

OpenHarmony 3.1 System

OpenHarmony 3.1 system is a reliable framework of functions that eventually uplifts the operations of a device. It boosts the kernel structure by developing an optimized kernel mechanism. Further, it lays a scheduling foundation for the comprehensive performance of the device.

The 3.1 version also nourishes the driver development and delivers high-profiled HDI interfaces. Consequently, the HDI (Hardware Device Interface) aids in providing improved graphics, multimedia, distributed hardware, and data management.

Jiulian Set-Top Box OpenHarmony 3.1

9-connection Set-Top Box

The respective set-top box product appears with model number UMT5T1B. Alternatively, it is a complete tech-pack device that will offer smoother and more productive functioning. For instance, one can use the product to watch online videos, live streamings, TV series, movies, and more.

Besides, irrespective of the load and time, the set-top box will keep on providing the outcomes in high definition quality. It can connect with any of the smart screen devices and provide users with on-demand TV content and live services.

On the other hand, the device is capable of providing multi-screen functionality and an interactive experience to the users while performing any relevant action. However, users have to ensure a stable internet connection for using the set-top box and enjoying its enticing benefits.


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