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Only Huawei can deliver 5G to South Africa: Cyril Ramaphosa



Cyril Ramaphosa, President of South Africa has clearly criticized the US for blacklisting Huawei and announced to take the company’s help to build its 5G infrastructure.

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On July 5th, at 4IR conference in Midrand, Ramaphosa said that the US is left behind in the race of 5G and for that, it wants to punish Huawei, reported TimesLive.

“The US has been unable to imagine a better future that goes beyond 4 plus one G. Where they have been unable to imagine what 5G has to offer. They are clearly jealous that a Chinese company called Huawei has outstripped them and because they have been outstripped they must now punish that one company,” he said.

The comments of Ramaphosa came after the country’s top four telecoms reached including Cell C, MTN, Vodacom and Telkom to the leader to plea for the help in dealing with the current issues raised by sanctions applied on Huawei by the US, leaving national telecom development behind and would also lose a big investment.

In May, the US Commerce Department imposed trade restrictions on Huawei business and barred the company from buying component and software services from the US firms. Last week, president Donald Trump announced ease in trade restriction for Huawei but there’s still no action on Trump’s words from the commerce department.

Ramaphosa reaffirms SA’s support for the world’s largest telecom equipment maker in his words: “We want 5G and we know where we can get 5G,”.

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