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OceanStor storage chips are more efficient than U.S.-based chipsets: Huawei



Huawei OceanStor storage chips

Huawei has been restricted in several fields due to the U.S. ban. However, the company never gave up and always came out with extraordinary solutions. The latest input reveals that Huawei is using OceanStor storage chips for its ARM processors-based hardware.

According to the information, Huawei has recently broadcast the benefits of the OceanStor Dorado V6 storage chips at the Palais des Congres event in Paris. The company reports that these chipsets facilitate file, block, and object access at a much lower price than the U.S. industries.

So far, the Chinese manufacturer has been using the x86 processors from Intel and AMD. However, the U.S. prohibitions forced the company to pull out its hands from various foreign sectors. As a result, the tech maker started searching for new ways that can make it independent.

Consequently, OceanStor chipsets have proved a perfect component for Huawei ARM processors hardware. Unlike the traditional x86 processors, these chips don’t consume unnecessary energy and are 30% more efficient in energy savings.

Alongside this, OceanStor Dorado V6 is available in numerous variants for every kind of product. It ranges from entry-level to superior performance grade and multi-petabyte capacity. Further, it also supports 32-bit and 62-bit drives and controllers.

OceanStor Storage Chips: high-level efficiency

The director of Huawei Storage products – Ludovice Nicoleau said that the company offered the storage chipset in the year 2002. At that time, these chipsets were mainly designed for the telco’s systems. Thereafter, the company gradually shifted them to operating systems.

As mentioned, Huawei has been relying upon the x86 processors for standard storage. But after the U.S. ban, the company brought the HiSilicon ARM CPU-based storage chips for its devices. A good sign of these chipsets is that it is much more reliable than the foreign semiconductor industries.

Huawei will keep on bringing new ways that can make it lessen its dependency on foreign enterprises, in the time ahead.

Huawei OceanStor storage chips


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