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Nokia planning to defeat Huawei, signed a five-year 5G contract



Nokia Huawei 5G contract

Huawei has successfully firmed its legs in the 5G world. Up to this point, the Chinese manufacturer has well-developed 5G services for its customers and it’s very difficult for any tech maker to step against this giant telecom maker. But, Nokia has been quite a competitor for Huawei and recent reports reveal that Nokia has signed a five-year 5G contract to defeat Huawei and other tech makers in the 5G industry.

In order to expand and upgrade its 5G wireless network architecture across the regions, Nokia signed a five-year 5G contract with a Norwegian mobile operator – Ice, which could ultimately have a direct or indirect impact on Huawei.

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Nokia five-year 5G agreement!

According to the guidelines of the agreement, Nokia will supply equipment from its energy-efficient AirScale portfolio to support different frequency bands. Aside from this, the Finnish company claims that it will work on modernizing around 3200 base stations, and will establish 3900 new base stations. Alternatively, the company is speedily working on the new developments and assures to complete them by the year 2026.

Speaking of the Norwegian mobile operator, Ice is currently operating with over 700,000 customers. Besides, the 4G and 5G networks that it supports, have already covered 95 percent of Norway’s community. So far, the company set its 5G services in motion, initially in Oslo, in November 2021. Thereafter, it gained a national spectrum license for 3.6GHz.

Nokia Huawei 5G contract

Talking more of the agreement, Nokia is fiercely trying to compete with Huawei and Ericsson for the 5G market share. Apart from the Ice, the Finland institute has also shaken its hands with T-Mobile, Telia, and SoftBank.

As per the latest information, the company has started preparing itself for the 6G networks as well. Users could see the 6G availability with Nokia devices by 2030. Thus, Nokia is putting all its efforts to hit back at Huawei, in a powerful manner. However, reaching the level where the Chinese tech giant is standing at the moment, is still a tough task.


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