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NIO reportedly testing HarmonyOS-equipped humanoid robot



NIO HarmonyOS humanoid robot

NIO – the Chinese automaker is allegedly testing the first humanoid robot (Kuafu) equipped with the HarmonyOS software system. The company is inspecting how such robots can help and improve the vehicle assembly plants for efficient work.

The information reveals that NIO is testing the HarmonyOS-based humanoid robot at its factories. A major validation is also going on at Jiangsu Hengtong Group.

As per the report by China Star Market, NIO counts in the few smart car-making firms that are looking for the use of humanoid robots in vehicle assembly plants. A major motive is to increase automobile manufacturing with better technologies.

NIO currently has two main plants – F1 and F2 in Hefei. These plants have highly automated production lines for electric vehicles. Probably, the Chinese automaker could use the Kuafu robot in one of these or both vehicle plants.

A few weeks ago, NIO called out many automakers and Huawei to discuss EV battery issues. Now the company is using a HarmonyOS-based robot for its vehicle plants. We may find more solutions connecting both firms, in the future.

NIO HarmonyOS humanoid robot

NIO reportedly testing HarmonyOS-equipped humanoid robot (Image Credits: Leju Robotics)

Kuafu is the first humanoid robot built upon the Pangu large model. It runs on the HarmonyOS operating system and packs several useful functionalities. Huawei aims to expand the usage of this robot in both industrial as well as consumer sectors.

The robot made its debut at the HDC 2024 event. Zhang Pingan – the CEO of Huawei Cloud demonstrated a couple of tasks that the robot can perform effectively. The list includes cooking, laundry, and sweeping. Zhang further said:

“As everyone expects, AI robots can help us with laundry, cooking, and sweeping, giving us more time to read, write poetry, and paint.”

(Source – CnEVPost)

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